Monty Mobile’s Messaging Communication Platform: Elevating Customer Engagement

Messaging Communication Platform

Always seeking to deliver exceptional value and enhance customer experience, Monty Mobile is providing the ultimate messaging communication platform allowing businesses to stay connected with their audiences. With one single platform, you will be able to communicate worldwide through 20+channels, which will help you scale your business, increase your profits and gain customer loyalty, all at the same time.

A Client-centric Platform

In a fast-growing environment, where customers’ needs are constantly changing, businesses must remain up to date with the latest trends. Monty Mobile’s Messaging communication platform will actually help you overcome the complexity of consumer communication. Combining innovation and the latest technologies, our client-centric solution enables you to build connected experiences across all stages of the customer journey all while driving business growth.

Beyond simple customer service, our platform allows you to create proactive customer engagement at scale. By leveraging the company’s comprehensive solution, not only do you meet your customers’ growing demand for a prompt response, but you also reduce the distance between you two by reaching out through their favorite channels.

Let your business harness the full potential of the platform to expand its reach and offerings.

Marketing Success Guaranteed

As the digital transformation accelerates, we want to equip you with the best tools to confidently engage with your customers. To address the challenge to date and optimize customer conversation, our solution can be easily integrated into your current marketing system, allowing you to send marketing messages in any situation and across multiple mediums. In other words, we help you achieve effective customer engagement and drive a Positive Customer Behavior. This way, customers will feel more satisfied, and the brand will remain memorable among its customers.

That said, we provide you with everything you need to create a seamless customer experience. To begin with, you can engage your audience from your own apps, mainstream chat apps and centralize all chats into a single dashboard, which will optimize your visibility and allow you to serve them in a more efficient way. Plus, you can integrate your product with Mobile Live Widget on our platform in order to increase the interaction with customers using mobile phones.

Furthermore, we help you maintain a high-quality service and gain customer loyalty. Our structured support with Live Chat Inbox, Chat Bot integration, Customer Satisfaction Surveys, and other solutions guarantee you increased delivery rates beyond expectations. Needless to say, you spare your customers the frustration of waiting due to the influx of requests; our platform ticketing system make it simple to track, prioritize and solve customer support tickets.

One Platform, Multiple Channels

Starting with WhatsApp, a simple and a convenient chat app you can use to send rich messages and target your audience in the most efficient way! If you opt for this channel, you can benefit from preconfigured templates for personalized messages and enrich communication messages with images, videos, documents, web links, audio files and buttons to keep them engaged.

It is worth mentioning that you have the advantage to be the initiator without having to wait for your customer to reach out to you, which gives you an edge over your competitors especially when it comes to marketing campaigns and messages. Plus, you can manage all WhatsApp messages from a unified workspace where the team can access conversation history, customer profiles, message templates, and more to provide personalized support.

You also get to configure your own chat bot to answer the most frequently asked questions directly on WhatsApp, with the option to transfer to live agents without losing conversation history in context.

Instagram is also considered a perfect opportunity to create a better impression of the company’s image and develop your customers loyalty, which will help your brand remain memorable among its audience.  In addition to engaging with your audience, you can create an Instagram business account along with the option to set quick replies for your Instagram DM or even to set an auto comment reply.

Emails are one more efficient way to connect with your target audience through our readymade and customizable templates all while ensuring your emails reach the intended inbox thanks to an advanced email validation process that will help you avoid the spam folder and eliminate the risk of getting blocked before reaching the recipient’s inbox.

To improve your campaigns performance and guarantee the outcome you want, you can make use of our detailed analytics about bounced emails, wrong addresses, and other challenges with the possibility to take immediate actions. Last but not least, you can configure email setup, which will enable the contact center agents to email customers directly from the agent panel.

Many more channels (telegram, messenger, viber ….) can also be leveraged to further elevate the quality of communication while increasing delivery rates.

Everything You Need to Boost Your Business

Besides providing the most efficient communication channels to keep your customers informed round the clock, this all-in-one platform enhances transparency on the selling process with our CRM and reporting module. The latter helps you understand the customer behavior and manage their profile accordingly. You can also make the most out of your professional contacts, to expand your portfolio of communication. Not to mention that you can take advantage of our expertise in sales. Our dedicated team will assist you in customer onboarding and help you attract new business prospects.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to turn every customer interaction into an opportunity!

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