alternative advertising platforms

Big Tech has been making headlines lately as governments all over the world are scrutinizing their business practices. In fact, Germany’s FCO found Apple to be “of paramount significance for competition across markets” earlier this month. But what does that mean for small and medium enterprises that use Big Tech’s platforms to advertise themselves, like […]

separate ads

Meta Platforms Inc said on Thursday it is now rolling out a long-promised system for advertisers to determine where their ads are shown, responding to their demands to distance their marketing from controversial posts on Facebook and Instagram. The system offers advertisers three risk levels they can select for their ad placements, with the most […]

better brands

I’ll start with a provocative assertion: most telcos typically pay less attention to their brands than they ought to, and that doesn’t work for them. The proof: mobile service has become commoditized in over ¾ of the 50+ markets studied by Strategy&. In many Telcos, the responsibility for the brand sits in Consumer Marketing, meanwhile, […]

Messaging Communication Platform

Always seeking to deliver exceptional value and enhance customer experience, Monty Mobile is providing the ultimate messaging communication platform allowing businesses to stay connected with their audiences. With one single platform, you will be able to communicate worldwide through 20+channels, which will help you scale your business, increase your profits and gain customer loyalty, all […]

AI in Sales

Companies that adopt the changes Artificial Intelligence (AI) brings will flourish. But what about those who use AI in sales?   Sales are continually known as people-to-people (P2P) businesses. Still, technologies such as AI are making expert sellers reconsider the balance between machine and human, leading to predictive sales AI. Automation has been impacting sales […]