The 5 Key Benefits of Call Tracking in Your Marketing Agency

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When it comes to improving your marketing agency, there’s one particular tool that can significantly boost the performance of services you offer to your clients – call tracking software.

There are various benefits of this call tracking software which can help optimise your marketing for clients, and to help you understand these better, we’ll be discussing the top five below.

Read on to find out more.

  1. Attribute phone leads to various marketing sources

One of the most important benefits of using call tracking UK software is attributing phone leads to the marketing sources which generated them.

By using dynamic phone numbers, you can trace the exact touchpoints a customer visited before, during, and after they called your client’s business.

This includes customers who left their session on the webpage and then re-joined at a later time. This is where visitor-level tracking is more effective than standard call tracking with static phone numbers.

You can see which of your marketing campaigns and channels are most effective at driving calls and leads for your clients.

This information is vital for helping you accurately tailor your marketing strategy to increase leads and sales for your client, using the most effective touchpoints in the marketing funnel.

  1. Smooth integration with other platforms

Another benefit of call tracking is that it can be easily integrated with a variety of marketing technology (martech) tools.

It’s highly likely that your clients will be using a range of different tools to monitor and adjust their marketing efforts, which they will want to incorporate into the call tracking process.

With the software, not only can it be installed without disruption, but it can also work harmoniously with other tools to increase the accuracy and scope of data.

For instance, the call tracking software can be integrated with Facebook, Google’s Suite, and much more. As an example, this can allow you to track the number of customers who visit your client’s Facebook page, before following a link to their website or making a call.

  1. Build a loyal client base

Call tracking can also help you build a loyal client base and cement trust through the quality of your services.

Using the call tracking software, you’re able to reveal how many leads and sales are being generated for your clients at any time, as a result of your marketing.

Therefore, with these analytics, you can show your clients how the marketing efforts you’ve implemented have been significant in boosting leads and sales, whilst also optimising the flow of revenue clients receive.

This will help them trust in your expertise as well as potentially make them likely to refer you as an agency to other companies.

  1. Gain insight into customer pain points

You can also use call tracking software to gain insight into customer pain points, so you can further improve the marketing campaigns you create.

Using speech analytics, you can identify any keywords which are mentioned in phone conversations with customers and highlight key information, such as customers who mention issues surrounding prices, your client’s performance, or anything similar.

This can then help you to understand what customers need clarity or reassurance on, and you can magnify this in any campaigns you create, to boost customer satisfaction.

  1. Minimise wasted spend for clients

Another important benefit of call tracking software is minimising spend wasted on marketing efforts.

With the detailed reports and analytics, you’ll know which campaigns are generating the highest number of leads and sales, and which aren’t.

As a result, you can accurately direct your clients on which areas of investment they should be focusing on in regard to marketing.

This will involve putting more resources towards successful campaigns and creating similar ones and removing them from underperforming activities.

This will leave your clients with a greater return on investment.

Final Thoughts

With these five crucial benefits of call tracking implemented in your agency, you’ll have everything you need to improve the marketing services you offer clients and boost your agency’s reputation.

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