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As the UK gears up for next week’s AI Safety Summit, it released a report postulating nightmarish AI scenarios.

Amazon drone delivery: Your medication to your doorstep!

Medications from up above to your doorstep by just 60 minutes MAX. Amazon launched a drone delivery for medications in College Station, Texas, marking the first time a major retailer has offered drone delivery of medications in the U.S. Utilizing a camera-equipped drone that surpasses the traditional delivery methods like FedEx in speed. This service […]

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On September 5th, Meta announced that it would be deleting the Facebook News tab in the UK, France, and Germany in early December. Meta’s move towards deprecation is driven by several factors. According to the company, “News makes up less than 3% of what people around the world see in their Facebook feed.” This implies […]

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A recent study shed light on the ongoing biomass combustion pros and cons debate happening in the media concerning BECCS.

Kainos is a British digital design company operating in the corporate space, based in Belfast. They’re about to invest £10 million to develop the use of Generative AI in the workplace. We’re used to quoting figures in the hundreds of billions of dollars when writing about tech investments. So what makes this minnow-sized, £10 investment […]

Bletchley Park to address the twelve challenges of AI The November AI summit will address the 12 challenges of AI. It’s a fitting tribute to the leader of the Allied Force’s codebreaking team, Alan Turing. The key challenges were distributed to the media to heighten the sense of urgency needed to address this rapidly advancing […]

AI Summit at Bletchley Park Bletchley Park is a country estate just outside Milton Keynes in Buckinghamshire, England. Such estates are liberally dotted around the country, mementoes of the old days of Empire. What separates Bletchley Park from all the other estates, however, is its contribution to military history and future tech. The Past For […]

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Vodafone Three merger means some of UK's telcos would decrease from 4 to 3, but would also create the biggest single mobile network.