The Rise of eSIM: Connectivity Revolution


Although the eSIM revolution has been there for a while now, it is gaining momentum as more and more consumers, network operators, and device manufacturers become more aware of the enormous prospects these miniature chips present. As mobile data usage grows at a phenomenal rate, the modern mobile subscriber has more connectivity requirements than ever before. Simply put, people need online connectivity for their increasing array of connected devices.

Wholly Convenience

The eSIM card is the most recent and improved SIM card and works the same way as the traditional one. The only difference is that it is embedded in the device and can be activated by installing an ‘eSIM profile.’ Furthermore, eSIM technology further simplifies the switch between carriers. Instead of carrying more than one physical SIM and replacing them now and then, users can make the switch right on their phone with only a swipe.

Mutually Beneficial Situation

Operators are encouraged to update their business strategies and capitalize on this technology to penetrate the market with innovative new products and updated services such as device pairing. Service providers will also be able to provide their high-ARPU subscribers with a simple and speedy online registration that will upgrade their experience and enhance their loyalty. Not to mention that by eliminating the high turnover of plastic SIMs, eSIM enables operators to significantly reduce production, packaging, warehousing, shipping costs, and time, as well as the carbon impact.

From a subscriber’s perspective, getting a local, physical SIM requires personally traveling to the country, filling out paperwork, paying a visit to a store, and waiting in queues, which can be time-consuming and frustrating. Compare this to the seamless eSIM membership, where subscribers can simply preserve it for their next visit while having the option to allocate it to any desired destination from the comfort of their mobile phones.

Seamless Switch

Monty Mobile, an innovative telecommunication provider, is now offering its instant connectivity consumer platform to mobile operators. Monty Mobile has received the GSMA’s Security Accreditation Scheme for Subscription Management (SAS-SM) for its UK-based data center. With this certification, Monty Mobile confirms its high level of commitment to security.

This platform will give mobile network operators (MNO) all the necessary tools to facilitate the switch for their users while enabling them to easily manage eSIM subscriptions remotely. MNOs can now embark on a superior digital journey where subscribers can acquire an eSIM profile by accessing either the MNO’s web portal or self-care mobile application.

With an eSIM-compatible mobile device, subscribers can get immediate connectivity wherever they are. Once the eSIM profile is installed, it is always available and ready to use for instant connection to the internet.

Always Connected

Whether on a business trip or a leisurely journey, staying connected is probably everyone’s priority. And eSIM can do that by opening new horizons to subscribers and frequent travelers. It allows subscribers to stay connected anywhere, no matter how often they change locations. Consequently, traveling gets much easier, especially for those going back and forth between two countries regularly.

With a network covering all popular destinations around the world, Monty Mobile offers a unique eSIM application for travelers, making sure they remain connected wherever they land. Users opting for eSIM may simply switch between plans or even use both plans simultaneously because they don’t have to deal with actual SIM cards. Plus, they don’t face the risk of losing or destroying their primary SIM card.

The application holds a variety of eSIM bundles from worldwide operators to spare users the hassle of buying local plans or physical cards at various destinations. Thanks to the offered deals, users can simply switch to a local operator’s plan from the application, avoiding all traditional roaming fees.

The Future Is Here

eSIM has caught on and is waiting for you to take advantage of it.

Indeed, its extensive potential doesn’t stop here. It is becoming a preferred technology for consumers as the number of connected devices keeps rising. As eSIM becomes the standard, it will become hard to find cell phones that do not support it.

Connectivity is key, Internet of Things (IoT) revenues for MNOs and their value-added services are quite significant, and eSIM will undoubtedly offer flexibility and speed of deployment benefits within Business to Consumer (B2C), Business to Business (B2B), and IoT settings.

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