Monty Mobile

Comium is currently offering 4G+ network data to their subscribers FREE OF CHARGE, because they are still in the testing phase. The management of Comium understands that the subscribers might face some issues during the trial period, and hence expects comments and feedback from their customers in order to enhance the network and offer the […]

Global Brands Magazine

Mountasser Hachem, Founder and Chairman of Monty Holding was awarded by the Global Brands Magazine Awards as the Best Visionary CEO in the Telecom industry- Middle East. One of his main companies, Monty Mobile, also earned the award of the most innovative Network & SMS Monetization Solutions- MENA as part of their work for the […]

Promoting Innovation

Payment gateways have become the backbones of the incipient cashless economy, playing an indispensable role in connecting the financial world with consumers. Yet to guarantee the success of such a central division in the economic sphere, having a distinctive sense of leadership is crucial. Noel Moukheiber’s leadership skills are the fuel driving his team’s transformation […]

Monty Mobile’s Cloud Service

Earlier last month, Monty Mobile offered a cloud service to Instagram & Facebook, enabling their users to upload their photos and videos in the highest resolution possible, hence increasing their customers’ loyalty and retention. Unfortunately, although all phone holders across the world struggle to get the latest iOS and Android, mainly for enjoying posting their […]


Comium Managed and Operated by Monty Mobile, started the deployment and testing of its Phase One 4G network in The Gambia. To provide its customers with state-of-the-art technology products and solutions, Comium is currently going through internal testing where it distributed its USIM to its employee and family members as a first step for testing […]

Monty Mobile Comium - The Gambia

The fast-expanding global telecommunications company Monty Mobile, offering state-of-the-art communications solutions, has signed an agreement with Huawei, the leading global provider of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices to elevate Comium- The Gambia GSM network connectivity with the latest 4G innovations in communications technology.  Monty Mobile, which is now officially managing Comium […]

Messaging Communication Platform

Always seeking to deliver exceptional value and enhance customer experience, Monty Mobile is providing the ultimate messaging communication platform allowing businesses to stay connected with their audiences. With one single platform, you will be able to communicate worldwide through 20+channels, which will help you scale your business, increase your profits and gain customer loyalty, all […]

streaming service for gamers

In the past ten years, gaming has significantly evolved, whether on the level of graphics, gaming experience, or technology used. As a result, games have become increasingly more demanding, ultimately requiring expensive hardware to ensure reliable performance. Cloud Gaming Saves the Day Hefty game scales and demanding hardware requirements have become a common topic among […]