Comium Gambia Wins Mobile Operator of the Year Africa 2023

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World Business Outlook is a highly influential online magazine based in the South East Asian business hub of Singapore, with a global audience. It’s a comprehensive, data-driven publication that provides sought-after analysis for the international business community.

As highly regarded as World Business Outlook’s editorial is, so too is the awards list they publish every year. The nominees have to earn the right to be considered, and the winners need to stand head and shoulders above all comers on the global stage. They must demonstrate they’ve made a significant, game-changing contribution to the sector they serve.

Comium took home the honours for Mobile Operator of the Year for Africa 2023 in September. This came as no surprise to Inside Telecom. The  renaissance of this Gambian company has been little short of breathtaking.

The Role of Monty Mobile

Driven by the energy and vision of their management team Monty Mobile, Comium Gambia literally turned the market upside down. Firstly, they offered free 4G+ data to customers while testing their expanding network. Second, the Founder and Chairman of Monty Mobile, Mountasser Hachem, flew out to Gambia’s capital Banjul. He personally investigated network opportunities in rural areas of the country. The investment in this area of Gambia is to ensure that the ‘underserved’ populace of the West African nation are not ignored. This underscores a commitment to the broader vision of a ‘connected Africa’.

Comium Gambia has gone through difficult times but the events of 2023 have placed it firmly back into the innovation arena of African telecoms. Because in late May when the offer launched to the public, thousands of Gambians visited Comium’s outlets daily. And World Business Outlook puts a premium on innovation which has an immediate effect on its community. Plus it observes the galvanizing effect on the marketplace in which it operates.

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