Is Comium Starting a Price War? 

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Innovative thinking. And being at the heart of what matters most to its customers. These two ideas best sum up Comium Mobile’s boldest initiative yet since the network operator’s launch in 2007. Here’s all you need to know about the recent Comium 4G+ network expansion.

Innovative, because Comium is expanding rapidly and needs to conduct rigorous testing of its 4G+ network.

And being close to what matters most to the Gambian people, because the country is undergoing fairly rapid transformation to a digitally-driven society.

Price war? No. A value war? Mostly definitely.

Inside Telecom spoke to Comium’s Commercial Manager Isatou Ceesay about the brand’s commitment to the people of Gambia and why a demonstrative sense of community in this burgeoning African state, through relevant solutions and accessible opportunities, is so important. 

“Our aim to be a pillar of corporate citizenry in Gambia whilst being a profitable venture to our stakeholders was considerably consolidated in March when we offered free 4G+ data on recharge for Voice and SMS,” Isatou expressed.

A New Era in Connectivity

“This new initiative now opens a new channel of dialogue with our customers because we will be inviting feedback during our expansion and testing period. In essence, the people of Gambia are participating in building their own connected future,” she added.

This exciting new level of public trust and expectation which Comium is starting to be realised, has run parallel to a flying visit to the country by Mountasser Hachem, Founder and Chairman of Monty Mobile, Comium’s managing partner. His visit was characterised by a typically rolled-up shirt-sleeve approach as he engaged with staff and perhaps more significantly, ventured out to the underserved areas of Gambia.

His aim was simple. To deploy his accrued knowledge of networking. And his trademark intuition to investigate cost-effective and scalable connectivity solutions for all Gambians. Not just those in urban areas.

It’s impossible to downplay the importance of this. Because it’s not something that’s seen by the customer, but is felt by the customer. A foundation that no one sees, but everyone relies on to build the sturdiest structure. Also noteworthy is that a brownfield exercise such as this has unique challenges in Africa. The continent’s hostile terrain not conducive to development.

No One Get Left Behind

If what you have read sounds like a coordinated campaign to ensure that all income levels in Gambia are served, you would be entirely correct. It is also a campaign which goes to the root of Comium’s brand character.

Simply, that no one gets left behind as the country journeys towards its globally connected, digital destination.

Isatou Ceesay expressed delight “to see an overwhelmingly positive reaction from our customers on social media.” She then invited us “…to check out our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube pages. And see our people’s appreciation and salute Comium back to where it belongs.” 

Back to where it belongs. This has great meaning to the people of Comium. They have long harboured the conviction that their services are closer to the needs and desires of Gambians than their competitor in this duopoly. 

We believe there’s something bigger on the horizon for Comium than getting ‘back to where it belongs’. And that is: taking Gambia to where it wants to be tomorrow.

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