Comium, managed by Monty Mobile, believes providing exceptional customer experience is the key winning factor to being a leader in the market. This will be achieved through premium quality service, extended 4G+ coverage, and 24-hour client support. Comium’s vision is not to go on price wars, as it would jeopardize the quality of the offering […]

Comium is currently offering 4G+ network data to their subscribers FREE OF CHARGE, because they are still in the testing phase. The management of Comium understands that the subscribers might face some issues during the trial period, and hence expects comments and feedback from their customers in order to enhance the network and offer the […]


Comium Managed and Operated by Monty Mobile, started the deployment and testing of its Phase One 4G network in The Gambia. To provide its customers with state-of-the-art technology products and solutions, Comium is currently going through internal testing where it distributed its USIM to its employee and family members as a first step for testing […]

Monty Mobile Comium - The Gambia

The fast-expanding global telecommunications company Monty Mobile, offering state-of-the-art communications solutions, has signed an agreement with Huawei, the leading global provider of information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and smart devices to elevate Comium- The Gambia GSM network connectivity with the latest 4G innovations in communications technology.  Monty Mobile, which is now officially managing Comium […]

Comium Subscribers

As of October 1st, Comium Gambia will be officially fully managed by Monty Mobile, the Global Innovative Telecom Solutions Provider, following the September 2021 deal. Since Monty Mobile and Comium Gambia came together to fully address all challenges, concerns, and setbacks along the way, Monty Mobile will revamp its plan to upgrade Comium’s network. Monty […]