Why Is Comium Offering 4G Data Service Free of Charge?

Comium is currently offering 4G+ network data to their subscribers FREE OF CHARGE, because they are still in the testing phase. The management of Comium understands that the subscribers might face some issues during the trial period, and hence expects comments and feedback from their customers in order to enhance the network and offer the best customer experience. Comium relies on the comments and remarks of their loyal subscribers to perfect their 4G+ coverage and deliver on their promise. This trial period shall end in 90 days, paving the way for the super extended 4G+ coverage in all the Gambia.

“We are now ready to engage our subscribers and have them enjoy Free 4G internet service during this trial period. We count on our customer’s feedback and encourage them to have our 4G+ SIM in their phones. We hope that through this phase, we will stay up to date with your continuous feedback so we can provide you with the experience you deserve!” said Mr. Marwan Khoury, CEO of Comium.

Due to this free trial phase, Comium subscribers have been rushing to replace their cards and benefit from the promotional bundles by reaching out to customer care and trade fair point of sale. This only showcases the loyalty of the subscribers to their operator, and the level of ownership and trust they have in Comium.

By giving access to the latest 4G+ network technology for free, Comium is giving back to their loyal subscribers who have stood by them, keeping in mind that the trial phase will run through the course of 90 days to be perfected. The wait is almost over, and Comium’s loyal customers will soon enjoy an uninterrupted, super-fast 4G+ coverage all around The Gambia.  

Comium is dedicated to meeting the regulatory requirements set by the PURA and will work closely with them to ensure improved connectivity and provide a more seamless communication experience as they have invested heavily in building their network to deliver 4th generation technology with an easy migration path to 5G.