Comium Will Be the Last Operator to Increase Prices

Comium, managed by Monty Mobile, believes providing exceptional customer experience is the key winning factor to being a leader in the market. This will be achieved through premium quality service, extended 4G+ coverage, and 24-hour client support. Comium’s vision is not to go on price wars, as it would jeopardize the quality of the offering as the customer will, in the end, pay the price. Instead, they are going with the market price in order to offer their subscribers the best-in-class services at affordable packages and product pricing. Their dedication to customer satisfaction is reflected in their constant efforts to stay up-to-date with new products and provide their customers with the most advanced and efficient services.

“We are not selling 4G data service; instead, we will continue to give it FREE OF CHARGE during the implementation and testing phases so that our loyal subscribers can enjoy this free service,” said Marwan Khoury, CEO of Comium.

“Our war is in delivering quality and diversified packages, products, and services, to ensure subscribers’ loyalty and become a trusted operator for the Gambians,” Mr. Khoury expressed.

At the current time, the 4G+ network is going through an expansion and testing phase, and the service is given free of charge for the subscribers to try it and revert with their feedback. Hence, the subscribers might face some issues during this phase, and their comments are encouraged so Comium can perfect the network.

“Our aim is to retrieve all our subscribers and bring them back to their trusted home operator where they belong,”
Marwan Khoury, Comium CEO

Comium firmly believes its subscribers are at the heart of everything they do. The operator has expressed its content in its customer base’s loyalty to Comium and for the endless times they have stood by its side in support during the recent challenging times. For that reason, Comium announced that it would be repaying its customers for their loyalty by offering them unparalleled services to ensure their continuous trust, which the telco considers the backbone of its business. In parallel, Comium will be providing its customers with a diversified and exceptional experience by deploying its cutting-edge technologies, coupled with relevant application services that span across many segments, including finance, health, gaming, enterprise, and much more.

Comium is committed to meeting the regulatory requirements set by the PURA and will work closely with them to ensure improved connectivity and seamless communication experience as they have invested heavily in building The Gambia’s most advanced 5G native cloud ready network where migration path to 5G is available at any time. 

The CEO said: “Our aim is to exceed our customers’ expectations by providing them with high-quality service, personalized attention, and innovative technology. We believe that by continuously striving towards excellence, we can continue to earn the trust and loyalty of our subscribers, who are the backbone of our business.”

But it doesn’t stop there, Comium promises its subscribers to increase its scope of products with more innovative services and solutions to The Gambian people to play an instrumental role in the countries’ digital economy and contribute the digital transformation through and in conjunctions with its partners and Monty Mobile.  These services will include but not limited to advanced Financial Services where Comium will enable Credit Lending, Mobile Wallet, and many more to come.