Comium Initiated 4G Testing with Its Employees; Soon Extended to Its Subscribers!


Comium Managed and Operated by Monty Mobile, started the deployment and testing of its Phase One 4G network in The Gambia. To provide its customers with state-of-the-art technology products and solutions, Comium is currently going through internal testing where it distributed its USIM to its employee and family members as a first step for testing its 4G network. The testing phase will be ultimately expanded soon to involve existing subscribers and new customers, welcoming them to its 4G network.

Comium plans to accelerate Phase Two deployment and increase its site infrastructure investment and 4G+ expansion by utilizing its suppliers with cutting-edge technologies.

Indeed, Comium plans to meet the market’s demand and create customer satisfaction with its customer-centric Application Services, enhancing their lifestyle and ensuring their loyalty. 

With this happening, Comium relay a message to the people of Gambia, “We’re Still Better Together under the Operation and Management of Monty Mobile.”

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