Daryn Kara Ali

Daryn Kara-Ali has worked in the technology media space for three years. She is Inside Telecom’s Managing Editor. A digital and print news platform and magazine specializing in technology and telecoms. Her self-taught expertise has helped her manage and create a wide range of informative pieces covering all aspects of the tech industry, with content democratizing the industry, generally on a worldwide scale and specifically in the UAE. Daryn has solidly worked on driving a robust, informative culture of innovation around the tech and telecom space on a broad scale, be it digitally or physically, through Inside Telecom’s print magazine, focusing on the UAE. Her efforts and robust professional background fueled her to push herself to take her work to the next level.

Technology's Sonic Waves Save Endangered Species, Fight Climate Change

In our present time, technological advancements often leave behind our ability to fully understand their full implications, but a new initiative by the Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon (SPNL) is tying together the power of sonic technology to connect humanity with the natural world, by communicating with our conscious to fight for endangered species. This approach seeks not only to moderate the confrontational effects of human activity on […]