Daryn Kara Ali

Daryn Kara-Ali has worked in the technology media space for three years. She is Inside Telecom’s Managing Editor. A digital and print news platform and magazine specializing in technology and telecoms. Her self-taught expertise has helped her manage and create a wide range of informative pieces covering all aspects of the tech industry, with content democratizing the industry, generally on a worldwide scale and specifically in the UAE. Daryn has solidly worked on driving a robust, informative culture of innovation around the tech and telecom space on a broad scale, be it digitally or physically, through Inside Telecom’s print magazine, focusing on the UAE. Her efforts and robust professional background fueled her to push herself to take her work to the next level.

Exclusive - U.S. Regulator Taps Piper Sandler in New Bid to Sell Silicon Valley Bank - Sources

Regulators at the U.S. Federal Deposit Insurance Corp (FDIC) have tapped investment bank Piper Sandler Companies to relaunch the auction of failed lender Silicon Valley Bank, people familiar with the matter said on Wednesday. The development shows how the FDIC is preparing a concerted effort to sell Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) after regulators took it […]

The World This Week: From Proposed Tech Ban to Bank Collapse

World This Week

In our “The World this Week” piece, global events include the proposed U.S. bill to ban foreign tech, Nvidia and AMD grappling with the latest U.S. curbs on China’s Inspur, the U.S. and EU in talks on clean technology trade deal, and the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank causing concern among tech executives and investors. […]

H.H. Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum Commends UAE Astronaut for Safe Trip

Emirati astronaut

On Tuesday, March 7, the Ruler of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, held a live video call on NASA TV with the Emirati astronaut Sultan Al Neyadi, commending him on the safe trip at the International Space Station (ISS). Al Neyadi, currently based in the ISS for the upcoming six months, […]

His Highness, Mohammed Bin Rashid, Speaks to Emirati Astronaut on NASA TV

Emirati Astronaut

The United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) latest space venture of its Emirati astronaut program is a graspable showcase of the Emirates’ space agency’s aptitude for greatness. The UAE’s space agency, Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC), is drawing the map of the future for its rising generations by investing heavily in space exploration and technology. In […]

The World This Week

World this Week

1. Lithium Price Slide Deepens as China Battery Giant Bets on Cheaper Inputs By now, it is out in the open that the COVID-19 pandemic played a remarkable role in hastening the global reliance on lithium for EV batteries as the world pushes to reduce carbon emissions as it marches on a path towards an […]

Editor's ChoiceDemystifying China

Ah, the charms of the legacy western propaganda machine. Generations of us are indoctrinated with the insidious, perfidious nature of China’s goal of world domination. Hmmm, it would be nice if we just embraced the truth of what China can offer the world rather than being forced into a mindset about which another economy suffers […]

Question the Answer

Dark Side of Technology

We are born with the capacity to learn how to develop with time, and those who lived before us sensed the future we live in now. Previous generations questioned what the far future would be like, and we, in the present time, are living the digital dream. We are living their vision of how a […]

Women in Telecom: UAE Shifting the Gender Tide

Women in Telecom

In the past decade, women’s engagement in various sectors increased through entrepreneurship or leading any position in companies and businesses. In a male-dominated society, the female presence encourages the role women can play in reshaping the fundamental structure of any sector. With the global technological drive, that role is also accentuated in the tech industry. […]

Editor's ChoiceA Strive Toward Cyber Resilient Nations: A Cybersecurity Ecosystem

Cybersecurity Ecosystem

With the world’s accelerated industrial and technological revolution, countries are increasingly adopting intelligent digital solutions to fortify their frameworks, be it economic, sustainable, or even security. With the world’s interconnection, the fusion of development is amplifying, and with this upsurge, the global embrace of technological means has reached new pinnacles. Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence […]

Editor's ChoiceMetropolis of the Future: Achieving Sustainable Visions

Sustainable Visions

As the world enters a new era, a climate-focused one, technology has proven to be one of the more critical aspects contributing to the fight against climate change with the rise of worldwide sustainable visions. Digital innovations have become, what could be considered, the backbone of every sustainability strategy in the world, and the MENA […]