Grace Abi Faraj

‘Chubs’ Takes the Virtual World by Storm 

 A start-up CreativeHub Global introduces the first virtual Influencer Chubs from Sri Lanka, revolutionizing digital engagement and global collaborations.  In a groundbreaking move, Sri Lankan tech start-up Creative Hub Global has unveiled the country’s first-ever virtual influencer named ‘Chubs’. With a substantial following on Instagram and LinkedIn, Chubs has effortlessly immersed herself in the expansive […]

The SEC's Tightrope Walk with DeFi Regulation 

In this vibrant world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, a new phenomenon emerged—Decentralized Finance, or DeFi for short. Imagine a digital realm where financial transactions take place without intermediaries, where anyone can participate in lending, borrowing, and trading assets seamlessly. It was a groundbreaking concept that promised to revolutionize the financial landscape. But as the DeFi […]

Finding the Sweet Spot Between Fintech and Government  

Can u imagine a world where finance is at your fingertips? The question that comes to my mind directly is, how would game-changing apps and platforms revolutionize transactions, deliver personalized recommendations, and empower seamless accessibility? The rise of fintech has brought us closer to this reality, revolutionizing the way we manage our money. However, amidst […]

Global Resistance to Anti-China Tech Policy 

Earlier today, officials from the European Union (EU), Malaysia, and Singapore expressed skepticism regarding the United States’ efforts to exclude China from the global high-tech trading system. These countries are reluctant to join the US in its attempts to curb China’s rapid expansion as a global technology power. Meanwhile, France is intensifying pressure on the […]

Solving Web3's Integration Puzzle 

In a world where the digital realm seamlessly integrates with our everyday lives data flows effortlessly across platforms and devices, and trust and transparency reign supreme. Sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, right? Well, welcome to the world of Web3. But before we dive headfirst into this futuristic landscape, let me ask you […]

EU's Groundbreaking Draft to Reign in AI Giants like ChatGPT 

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM: The European Parliament has taken a significant step towards regulating artificial intelligence (AI) products with the passage of the first draft of the EU AI Act regulations. The proposed law aims to ensure a safe development and application of AI systems, all while ensuring they respect international human rights laws.   The EU’s initiative sets […]

Amazon Web Services Wake-Up Call 

In a temporary setback for Amazon Web Services (AWS), a widespread outage occurred this Tuesday afternoon, affecting a significant number of major websites, including the Boston Globe and New York City’s Metropolitan Transit Authority. The disruption hindered the ability of news organizations to report on the court appearance of former President Donald Trump in Miami, […]

Right to Repair as a Step Towards Consumer Empowerment

 The right-to-repair movement should prioritize inclusivity through education, affordable tools, and standardized designs. You’re sitting in your cozy living room, engrossed in your favorite TV show, when suddenly, the screen goes black. Panic sets in as you realize your television has just given up on you. Now, what if I told you that you could […]