Emirati Astronaut

The United Arab Emirates’ (UAE) latest space venture of its Emirati astronaut program is a graspable showcase of the Emirates’ space agency’s aptitude for greatness. The UAE’s space agency, Mohammed Bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC), is drawing the map of the future for its rising generations by investing heavily in space exploration and technology. In […]

creative regions

I’ve known Heather McDonald, one of the two protagonists of this article, for the better part of a decade. The impression she made on me, and doubtless, the whole media industry in the UAE was pure dynamite. As head of Filmmasters MEA, she had vision and an uncompromising attitude towards quality in both the films […]


Honestly, I wasn’t sure I was the right person for this interview. The article we had in mind was about a successful female banking executive in what is generally still perceived as an old boy’s club. A triumph of gender balance against the odds. Punching a hole through the glass ceiling. A woman who flew […]

Digital Fasting

UAE’s du hoped that digital fasting would help to instill self-reflection during Ramadan. Not too long ago, one of the highest profile companies in the United Arab Emirates conducted an experiment during Ramadan. The company was Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company (EITC) and the experiment was to create a ‘technology fast’ within the Islamic practice of […]

Arab Health 2023

In recent years, the Middle East and Africa (MEA) region has been seeking to take their rightful seat at the global table of technological advancements. A previous article, for example, showcased how two of Africa’s significant telcos championed the continent’s representation on the global stage. In this series of MedTech-oriented articles, “The Arab Health 2023 […]

Branded Fleet

In line with UAE’s ‘World’s Coolest Winter’ campaign, Udrive’s exclusive fleet creates a smoother and unique mode of transport for people keen to explore the Highlands of Dubai Dubai, UAE, 08 February, 2023 — Udrive, the dedicated pay-per-minute car rental platform, has launched an exclusive fleet to enable smoother mobility to and from Hatta for […]


In 2023, critical decisions will be informed by enhanced data analytics as a result of increased data application. In 2023, fintech in telecom, and vice versa, will allow the financial sector it to provide various tools to support financial transactions anywhere. When 5G is completely implemented in 2023 by authorized 5G operators, fintech will rely […]

telecom Monopoly

When many businesses provide rival goods or services that are comparable but imperfect alternatives, monopolistic competition exists. A monopolistic competitive industry has minimal entry requirements, and decisions made by any one firm do not immediately affect those of its rivals. The price and marketing choices made by the rival companies serve as their points of […]