Google Maps to Safely Navigate in Tunnels Via Bluetooth

Bluetooth Tunnel Navigation

Google Maps is working on a navigation tunnel feature using Bluetooth beacons, useful in tunnels with weak signals, where GPS is unreliable or experiences signal loss.

Bluetooth Beacons

The Bluetooth beacons, located in the tunnels, emit Bluetooth signals that Google Maps can detect. This allows for more accurate location tracking without the need for GPS. The secret combination for the feature is the combination of Bluetooth data with available GPS and sensor information, enabling Google Maps to grant improved and reliable navigation directions while passing the tunnel.

The exclusivity of this feature for Android users is a great option that can be enabled in the settings. The surprising thing that it’s disabled by default, considering such an important feature is extremely important for any traveler. So, just by going to:

  1. Driving Options.
  2. Then to the settings, press navigation settings.
  3. Google Maps portray it as the following: “Scan for Bluetooth tunnel beacons to improve location accuracy in tunnels”.
  4. By providing permission for Maps.

Voila, you are now tunnel-safe.

We should give it a name, ‘the tunnel safety feature.’ If you’ve ever been inside a dark, long tunnel, stuck in traffic, or if your car unfortunately failed to make it to the end, or if an accident occurred, you’ll understand its importance. In such situations, it’s often impossible to call or send your location to anyone, including emergency services or hotlines. That’s exactly where the problem lies! Believe me, I’ve been there. I can still recall the smell of gas and oil from our car’s engine, intensified by the breeze from passing cars.

Bluetooth Beacons Are Lit

Once you enable the Bluetooth navigation feature, it never sleeps when you’re traveling. This feature, already available in Waze, is now being improved for Android users by Google Maps, with iOS users awaiting its availability.

Having a safe drive through tunnels is a much-needed assurance. First provided by Waze, and now Google Maps is also offering this service.

But how effective will the Bluetooth beacons be in covering all tunnels? And can this technology be implemented in areas where GPS is unreliable?

“The new Bluetooth navigation option is only one of many features the company recently added to its mapping service. The app only recently received its impressive immersive view and a controversial new color palette. For EV drivers, it now even suggests charging stops,” according to Android Police.

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