Google Unveils Chatgpt Rival Bard

Google owner Alphabet Inc on Monday said it will launch a chatbot service and more artificial intelligence for its search engine as well as developers, an answer to Microsoft Corp in their rivalry to lead a new wave of computing. Microsoft, meanwhile, said it planned its own AI reveal for Tuesday. The cascade of news […]

What’s Powell Gotta Say

Investors are just about coming to terms with the eye-popping payrolls number from Friday, but with Fed Chair Jerome Powell due to speak later in the day, the market will ponder which Powell will turn up (the hawk or the dove). Perhaps ChatGPT has the answer. Google owner Alphabet unveiled a rival to super popular […]

EU and U.S. Can Reduce Trade Tension

German Economy Minister Robert Habeck expressed optimism on Monday about resolving a European Union trade dispute with Washington, saying he saw room for compromise on certain elements of the U.S. Inflation Reduction Act and its green subsidies. Many EU leaders are worried the local content requirements of $369 billion of green subsidies in the U.S. […]

Chinese AI Technology Stocks

Chinese artificial intelligence stocks are the latest rage in mainland markets as the global frenzy around the Microsoft-backed ChatGPT chatbot spurs speculative bets on the revolutionary computing technology. Just two months after its launch, ChatGPT – which can generate articles, essays, jokes and even poetry in response to prompts – has been rated the fastest-growing […]

U.S. Layoffs Surged in January

Layoffs in the United States hit a more than two-year high in January as technology firms cut jobs at the second-highest pace on record to brace for a possible recession, a report showed on Thursday. The layoffs impacted 102,943 workers, a more than two-fold jump from December and an over five-times surge from a year […]

Billions into China’s AI Sector

U.S. investors including the investment arms of Intel Corp and Qualcomm Inc accounted for nearly a fifth of investments in Chinese artificial intelligence companies from 2015 to 2021, a report showed on Wednesday. The document, released by CSET, a tech policy group at Georgetown University, comes amid growing scrutiny of U.S. investments in AI, Quantum […]

Chatgpt-Powered Teams Premium

Microsoft Corp on Wednesday rolled out a premium Teams messaging offering powered by ChatGPT to simplify meetings using the AI chatbot that has taken Silicon Valley by a storm. The premium service will cost $7 per month in June before increasing to $10 in July, Microsoft said. OpenAI-owned ChatGPT will generate automatic meeting notes, recommend […]

Google Tees up Venue Clash

Lawyers for Alphabet Inc’s Google LLC on Wednesday said they will ask a federal judge in Virginia to move the U.S. Justice Department’s antitrust lawsuit to Manhattan federal court, where the company is already fighting claims that it has abused its market power for online advertising technology. In a filing in the Manhattan litigation, Google’s […]