YouTube Rolling in Wealth: A Prosperous 2024

YouTube Dream Track

YouTube is now planning to work on AI tools like Dream Track and Dream Screen, making them available to creators to generate backgrounds for YouTube shorts by just typing an idea.

YouTube is focusing on using AI for recommending content and personalizing experiences for users; furthermore, AI improves content moderation and helps in eliminating toxic content more effectively. The most crucial part is that it exploits AI to help in creating more accessible features for users with disabilities.

YouTube on the Big Screen

YouTube will be connected to TVs, making it more effortlessly integrated with smart TVs and other connected devices, incorporating podcasts and sports on the TV, and generating more immersive formats like interactive videos and live experiences. So, YouTube is focusing on providing creators with tools, resources, and appreciation. Besides that, the fact it’s expanding to new platforms to reach more and broader audiences on different devices.

Other than the connected TVs and streaming devices, YouTube is expanding into gaming platforms and integrating itself into websites like Twitch or Stadia to attract gamers and streamers. Of course, not forgetting social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram, and virtual reality platforms as well, where YouTube is trying to invest in VR experiences or collaborations where very immersive content is being consumed.

YouTube, a ‘Richer’ Platform

YouTube is one of the largest creator monetization platforms, where over $70 billion is given out to creators; thus it’s working on boosting creator payouts like brand partnerships to elevate creators’ income and supporting creators by providing resources and programs like Creator Collective to lend a hand for creators to collaborate and build communities.

“In 2023 alone, the company revealed the number of creators who started using channel memberships increased by more than 50 per cent,” said The Indian Express.

YouTube is the source of living and the safe space, as it’s the home for creative creators to widen their choices to produce much more mature and interactive content to a wider audience now, after the exposure YouTube is working on.

AI is being integrated in every aspect into our lives nowadays: applications, houses, smartphones, and much more. If YouTube is working on making AI a beneficial tool to give the creators and audience a staggering journey to work on and progress with the rise of technology in every aspect, it’ll definitely affect progressively, like easing the path of creating content and elevating the watching experience of different kinds of audiences.

Scammers and hackers maybe will take advantage of the progress YouTube is witnessing. For such progress, will it generate and utilize deepfake technology and fake news in an elevating manner?

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