Given the trend toward distant experiences, COVID-19 has emphasized the significance of communications and the requirement for a robust infrastructure to enable a seamless experience. According to a recent research by EY titled “Top 10 risks in telecommunications,” the industry’s biggest challenge is failing to maintain network resilience in a post-pandemic environment. All telecoms in […]

The Dropbox data breach

The dropbox data breach that recently took place highlighted prior security breaches. The passwords and data compromised come within an extensive list of primarily exposed credentials. It seems like dropbox is a frequent target for hackers. Dropbox might be considered negligent, but is that the case? Let us reflect further. How Did it Happen Like […]

Optus Infotech

Australian telecom giant, Optus, fell victim to a hack. Exposing nearly 2.1 million of its current and previous clients suffered a data leak of their personal and critical information. With at least one form of their identification number leaked due to the breach. Optus infotech has already started its quest to try and save itself. […]

The Uber Data Breach

Recently an Uber data breach became known, and users of the app worldwide were shocked when they found out about the hack. Uber faced significant challenges during these harsh times, trying to keep it behind the public eye for as much as possible. Uber remains operational, but at what cost? What can we learn from […]

Lapsus$-linked Hacker

Uber Technologies Inc said on Monday a hacker affiliated with the Lapsus$ hacking group was responsible for a cyber attack that forced the ride-hailing company to shut several internal communications temporarily last week. Uber said the attacker had not accessed any user accounts and the databases that store sensitive user information such as credit card […]

On Saturday, a hacker stole non-fungible tokens (NFT) worth more than $1.7 million from users from OpenSea, applying a phishing attack, which got him to steal 254 NFTs, including Decentraland and Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) tokens.   The attacker fooled the targets into signing a partial contract which gave the attacker complete control, meaning signing […]

A new study revealed that Artificial intelligence programs that check medical images for evidence of cancer can be deceived by hacks and cyberattacks. Researchers demonstrated that a computer program could add or remove evidence of cancer from mammograms, and those changes fooled both an AI tool and human radiologists. Therefore, that could lead to an […]

Security researchers said Thursday they found two kinds of commercial spyware on the phone of a leading exiled Egyptian dissident, providing new evidence of the depth and diversity of the abusive hacker-for-hire industry. One piece of malware recently found on an iPhone belonging to Ayman Nour, a dissident and 2005 Egyptian presidential candidate who subsequently […]