best sports nfts

On the blockchain, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) effectively serve as a means of proving ownership. They can store data from any digital object, including artwork and music files. In the world of sports and sports collectables, it is a ripe ground of the best sports NFTs to surface.  Ownership of NFTs may be confirmed via the […]

Technology in Football

Those who aren’t big fans of football, or soccer, if you come from the US, will be surprised to know how much technology in football there is. No, the players aren’t going to be wearing mech suits anytime soon, although that might make things even more interesting, for the longest time, football organizers have been […]

Pitchers and catchers this season will be able to use a new wearable technology that allows them to communicate what pitch to throw next in an effort to minimize sign stealing and speed the pace of play, Major League Baseball said on Tuesday. “PitchCom” equips the catcher with an electronic transmitter on his wrist that […]

Euro 2020

England’s loss against Italy in the UEFA Euro 2020 final on Sunday night did not only crush the dream of millions who believed the championship was coming home, but it also unleashed a wave of deeply rooted racism that remains embedded in today’s modern world.  Social media, including Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, were flooded with racial abuse and slurs targeted towards England’s Black football players.   As anger boiled […]

A game changer for the sports

Research conducted by a leading global telecoms provider, reveals that more than three quarters of business executives from sports organisations are seeing improving fan engagement – and delivering new, improved and a more innovative fan experience – as a key to future success. The research indicates that 5G will drive and enable such experiences more […]