Hannah Beth Cooper

Senior Editor and Content Manager

How can telcos improve their business performance in the digital era?

business performance

Telecom companies are now using customer analytics, network analytics, CLV, automation, and big data to improve their business performance. Operators need to look at numerous factors to enable the implementation of such tools which even then, requires continuous monitoring. Many telecom companies have reaped the benefits of going digital by increasing efficiency, reducing costs, and […]

Professional personal branding in the digital space

Personal branding

Whilst researching for this article, I find myself going through my LinkedIn network, searching for inspiration among the hit and miss of profile pics. To my immediate relief, I’m not disappointed, there are some shockers out there (mentioning no names). It’s a never-ending world of shocking too, ranging from the badly pixelated, to the simply […]

Challenges and opportunities facing 5G

Opportunities facing 5G

Us company CommScope is a billion-dollar company headquartered in North Carolina, and maintains a substantial presence by providing passive infrastructure for both wireless and fixed line telcos. Phil Sorsky, VP of International Sales Europe, has no doubt that the 5G starting gun has been fired and the race to dominate global markets is underway. He […]

Telefonica IOT Success and understanding customer needs

Telefonica IOT

Global communications company Telefonica has recently been recognised as a Leader in Gartner’s 2019 Magic Quadrant for IoT Connectivity Services, Worldwide, for the sixth year running. An improvement on its “completeness of vision”, which is one of the two aspects the Magic Quadrant assesses together with the “ability to execute”. The company believes the main […]

5G – A game changer for the sports industry

A game changer for the sports

Research conducted by a leading global telecoms provider, reveals that more than three quarters of business executives from sports organisations are seeing improving fan engagement – and delivering new, improved and a more innovative fan experience – as a key to future success. The research indicates that 5G will drive and enable such experiences more […]

Bluetooth finds its place in the Smart Home Market

Smart Home Market

ABI Research  has predicted that the smart home market will make-up for over 13% of Bluetooth device shipments by 2024, which will total to over 815 million Bluetooth products at this time. Substantial growth in a wide range of device varieties, including that of smart lights, voice-control front ends, smart appliances and sensors, among numerous […]

Telecoms predictions for 2020

2020 Telecoms predictions

It wouldn’t be the beginning of the year without a piece on predictions. Inside Telecom has put together our top Telecoms predictions for 2020, from some of the most influential people in the business. A move to speed-based pricing for mobile Even though operators are not currently charging a premium for 5G services, this doesn’t […]

This year’s CES show – a glimpse of our future in tech

CES show

Your next car will probably connect to the internet. So will your TV and doorknobs. One day, you may even adopt a robot companion capable of analyzing its environment and reacting to your actions in real time. A glimmer of the future was on show this week at CES the giant consumer trade show in […]

Woven City: Toyota to build smart city

Toyota Woven City

Japanese car firm Toyota, decided they couldn’t find a place to develop a smart city, so have decided to build their own. The global manufacturer has an ambitious plan to create a model smart city from the ground up – which will in essence become a real-life laboratory for building and testing new technologies and […]

Breaking education barriers with instant network schools

Breaking education

The Vodafone Foundation has already helped bring quality education to thousands of refugee students across Africa and is now collaborating with the United Nation High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and expanding their efforts. Instant classroom is a free initiative and is a ‘school in a box’ concept aimed at providing technology that can be set […]