What Are the Best Sports NFTs on the Market Right Now? 

best sports nfts

On the blockchain, Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) effectively serve as a means of proving ownership. They can store data from any digital object, including artwork and music files. In the world of sports and sports collectables, it is a ripe ground of the best sports NFTs to surface. 

Ownership of NFTs may be confirmed via the blockchain because it is an immutable ledger. People could choose to buy a sports NFT of their favorite team, racecar, or player for numerous reasons. Perhaps they admire the artwork, feel a connection to the project, or predict a growth in value and buy into the project as an investment as most NFT buyers do. 

How Are NFTs and Sports Related? 

Sports collectables were a major trend long before NFTs became popular, and the two go together in every sense of the word. 

Sports memorabilia, including game balls, jerseys, and signatures, is highly coveted. NFTs offer a fresh, digital method of gathering sports collectables, and are easier to obtain and more secure under this type of ownership. 

NFT markets are active in a few sports-related businesses and have grown in prominence. Others see a possibility to make money, while some people appreciate the platforms because they are supporters of a player or club. Whatever the case, there is no denying the appeal of sports NFTs. 

Where to Buy Sports NFTs 

There are many NFT marketplaces out there where you can buy all manner of collectibles, however there are certain marketplaces that specialize in sports NFTs, and some collection even have their own marketplace like Sorare. 

Here are the best Sports NFT marketplaces you should check out if you are looking to buy the best sports NFTs on the market. 

  1. OpenSea 
  2. NBA Top Shot 
  3. Rarible 
  4. Aetsoft 
  5. Enjin 
  6. Accubits 
  7. Nifty Gateway 
  8. AirNFTs 
  9. Sorare 
  10. Dibbs 
  11. Crypto.com 
  12. Fanzone Sports Club 
  13. The Ballman Project 
  14. Blockchain Brawlers  
  15. Mintable 

Top 10 Best Sports NFTs to Follow 

If you are a sports fan, you will have either heard of at least one of the following NFTs or be happy to know of its existence. 

NBA Top Shot 

The pinnacle of sports NFT collections is Dapper Labs’ colossally popular NBA Top Shot line. NBA Top Shot, which debuted in July 2019 as a digital recreation of classic trading card culture, was innovative from the start. Now, the average sale price for cards in great demand is $68,000. 

MLB Champions 

MLB Champions debuted in 2018 as both a platform for NFT memorabilia and a video game. The game was over in 2020, though, and the newly created NFTs are being exchanged on secondary marketplaces. The floor price for the avatars, which are little bobblehead dolls in various stances, is now set at 0.005 ETH or about $8 at the time of writing. 


Sorare is a website for accumulating soccer NFTs, and Antoine Griezmann and Gerard Piqué are among its official supporters. Fans may purchase trading cards from athletes all around the world to use as virtual team management tools. The platform, which debuted in 2019, still has the appearance of being created by a fanatic. This ought to become better with time. 

Torque Squad 

The Torque Squad was developed with the motorsports industry in mind. Just recently made available to the general public, the motor racing NFT collection is already providing its collectors with practical benefits. The initiative offers more prizes, and holders can win tickets to the next F1 Grand Prix in Melbourne, Australia. This is a collection to keep an eye on with support from Animoca Brands and a spot in the REVV Motorsport ecosystem. 

Bryson DeChambeau Limited Edition NFTs 

The current NFT floor price is 10.4 ETH or $16,533.43 at the time of writing, and the collection consists of 73 versions of five distinct cards. He is the first golfer to amass a collection of NFTs. But given that the iconoclastic powerhouse has always done things his way, this is hardly surprising. 

NFL All Day  

Built on the Flow blockchain, NFL All Day is the NBA Top Shot of the football world, and one of the best sports NFTs ever minted. Every time a new collection launches, Dapper Labs tries to create the same buzz across the platforms. However, the costs are lower, and the players are less well-known outside. The most expensive sale ever was a Pat Mahomes’ NFT, which went for $30,000. LeBron James’ card sold for $230,000. 

F1 Delta Time 

F1 Delta Time may be down, but it is still operational. It’s reasonable to conclude that the game and the collection won’t be continuing as previously with news of the platform’s recent death. The NFTs can still be traded on secondary markets, though. Is it conceivable that NFTs might become popular collectors and symbols of bygone times? Perhaps not, but the collection is a classic in the NFT sports category. 


Built on the Chiliz blockchain, Socios is a soccer NFT collection that gets its name from the supporters of Spanish soccer clubs. Atlético Madrid’s Wanda Metropolitano stadium has donated its revered field as a reward for the fortunate fan who wins Socio’s next contest. Lionel Messi is a prominent brand ambassador worldwide. As opposed to a straightforward NFT trading platform, Socios seems like an all-encompassing experience. 


If you love horses, then DeRace is one of the best sports NFTs you can get your hands on. Yes, horse racing is a sport.  Player of this blockchain game may enter races using their purchased NFTs and the platform’s own money, DERC. There are prize pools with incentives available for the winning horse, and the floor price for horse avatars is around 0.088 ETH, or about $140 at the time of writing. 

Zed Run 

Zed Run offers more pony NFTs. And it’s not surprising that a past-time that has generated income has been so successful in transferring to the realm of blockchain and play-to-earn games. On this site, you may trade, breed, and racehorse NFTs. On secondary marketplaces, you may purchase one for yourself. The current floor price is $6.34 or 0.004 ETH. 

Final Thoughts 

There is something for everyone in the NFT world, and sports fans are certainly no exception. Sports, athletics, and games are as old as humanity itself, and we are witnessing its newest method of celebration. Whether you are a super fan, a collector, or an investor, it is worth looking into purchasing a piece of sports history.

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