Blockchain for Politics

In just a few years, blockchain, the technology that powers cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, has gone from irrelevancy to becoming a hot subject. Several national leaders have joined the blockchain ecosystem as they recognize its multifaceted applications. Agencies are starting to trial and test blockchain applications for payments, supply chains, identity management, secure data […]

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Quantum blockchain miners have the potential to significantly reduce the energy consumption of crypto, as shown in two recent papers.

Blockchain Payments

Blockchain has revolutionized many aspects of our everyday life and is the future for various sectors. The use of the blockchain payments and transactions is one of the areas that has been benefiting from the technology. Its transparent nature ensures full clarity and accessibility between both sides of the transaction.   Safety and Use of Blockchain […]

By Krishna N. Das and Tanvi Mehta NEW DELHI (Reuters) – U.S. tech giant Apple <AAPL.O> could double or triple investments in India, along with exports, over the next few years, a minister said, as the company opened a second store in the world’s biggest smartphone market after China. Apple mainly assembles iPhones in India […]

Bitcoin miners

Beleaguered bitcoin miners are finally feeling the spring sunshine after a cold, hard crypto winter. The power-hungry companies that pump new bitcoin into circulation have been thrown a lifeline by the cryptocurrency’s rally to above $30,000 this year, which has conspired with falling electricity prices to boost their profitability. The 30-day average of mining revenues […]

The transformative potential of blockchain technology has been compared to that of the internet in the 1990s. Blockchains, like the internet, have the potential to drive dramatic institutional efficiency gains, save billions through reduced operational, financial, legal, and governance costs, create widespread process redundancy, significantly reduce counterparty, and market risk, and reshape the financial market […]

Ethereum upgrade

Investors are finally set to gain access to more than $33 billion of ether this week under a planned revamp of the blockchain. A new software upgrade to the Ethereum blockchain, dubbed Shapella, will let market players redeem their “staked ether” – coins they have deposited and locked up on the network over the past […]

One of the primary aspects driving market expansion is growing security concerns among telecom enterprises worldwide. Blockchain in telecom offers greater security by encrypting all transactions with cryptography. Furthermore, the growing need for smart contracts is propelling market expansion.  Blockchain Brings Value to the Telco Value Chain  The provision of the network infrastructure and connectivity […]