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Sanctions are a form of punishment that can have a significant impact on a country’s growth and stability, with their effects extending beyond the targeted areas. In this article, we will address how the scrutiny of politics promotes technology. So, let’s talk sanctions and workarounds. Deprivation is often seen as the mother of innovation, and […]

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Will First Republic Bank Collapse be a catalyst for a new digital banking system? Will it be linked to the rise of CBDC and cryptocurrencies.

By Krishna N. Das and Tanvi Mehta NEW DELHI (Reuters) – U.S. tech giant Apple <AAPL.O> could double or triple investments in India, along with exports, over the next few years, a minister said, as the company opened a second store in the world’s biggest smartphone market after China. Apple mainly assembles iPhones in India […]

Bitcoin miners

Beleaguered bitcoin miners are finally feeling the spring sunshine after a cold, hard crypto winter. The power-hungry companies that pump new bitcoin into circulation have been thrown a lifeline by the cryptocurrency’s rally to above $30,000 this year, which has conspired with falling electricity prices to boost their profitability. The 30-day average of mining revenues […]

Quantum computers promise to be millions of times faster than today’s fastest supercomputers, potentially revolutionizing everything from medical research to the way people solve problems of climate change. The wait for these machines, though, has been long, despite the billions poured into them. But the uncertainty and the dismal stock performance of publicly-listed quantum computer […]

Cryptocurrency Regulation

Zambia is planning to finish tests that simulate real-world cryptocurrency usage by the end of June to help it create regulations that balance citizens’ safety with innovation, science and technology minister Felix Mutati told Reuters. The southern African country also needs digital infrastructure, including digital identities, before cryptocurrencies can be introduced, Mutati said in an […]

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A former Deutsche Bank AG investment banker has been charged in an indictment unsealed on Tuesday with misappropriating funds from investors whom he wooed with promises of big returns from cryptocurrency trading. Rashawn Russell, 27, of Brooklyn, solicited investments from friends and colleagues but used the funds for gambling and other personal expenses, federal prosecutors […]

Ethereum upgrade

Investors are finally set to gain access to more than $33 billion of ether this week under a planned revamp of the blockchain. A new software upgrade to the Ethereum blockchain, dubbed Shapella, will let market players redeem their “staked ether” – coins they have deposited and locked up on the network over the past […]