Rim Zrein

Rim is an experienced content writer with a demonstrated history of working in various niche industries.

Coinbase plans to join the NFT marketplace


Coinbase announced on Monday that it’s officially jumping into the world of NFTs. The cryptocurrency exchange platform explained that it plans to sell, trade, and mint NFTs, a move that will expand the cryptocurrency’s marketplace. While there isn’t much information on how Coinbase will join the NFT marketplace, the exchange platform has noted that the […]

Apple is releasing a number of new hardware on October 18th

Apple Mac

Apple has just sent out invites to its next hardware release event, taking place on October 18th. Apple enthusiasts are anticipating the event will cover the launch of new MacBooks, a redesigned higher-end Mac Mini, and potentially a pair of third-generation AirPods. The word “Unleashed” is prominent in the video invite, posted by Apple marketing […]

Twitter is adding a ‘soft block’ feature


Twitter is finally responding to user’s infamous request, adding a “soft block” feature.  While the feature was in the testing phase earlier last month, the micro blogging site is finally ready to add the option “Remove this follower” right next to your followers’ names.  To get there, you’ll have to head to your profile, click followers, then click on the three-dot menu […]

Instagram is adding in-app notifications to alert you of technical issues


The massive Facebook outage last week definitely took us all by surprise. However, the tech giant is working on ensuring that won’t happen again, as it’s currently building in-app notifications that will alert users to “temporary issues” like outages or other technical difficulties.  The notifications will be visible in users’ home page. The notifications are there to specifically alert users about app bugs and issues, such as Story uploads not working or large-scale outages.  Before you frown at […]

Facebook will start asking teens to “take a break” from Instagram


In response to the severe backlash Instagram has received over its negative impact on teens, parent company Facebook announced a new set of features in hopes of putting the issue to bed.   Facebook vice president of global affairs Nick Clegg said during an interview with CNN State of the Union show that Facebook is going to “introduce something which I think will make a considerable difference, […]

IoT technology revolutionized businesses, here’s how


We unconsciously generate data at a break-neck pace every day.   Think about it; our smartphones have the capability to track each step we take, and every swipe we make, while smart watches can sense our vitals and store it in a wide data set. Google can signify our location with just one click, and media advertisers can figure out our hobbies, where we’re planning to go for […]

Pictures of Jeff Bezos are bombarding Twitch


For the second time in a row, Twitch is facing another round against cybercriminals, as the platform’s background game images were suddenly replaced on Sunday with photos of Jeff Bezos, former Amazon CEO.   Users and content creators reported seeing images of Bezos in games such as GTA V, Dota 2, Smite, Minecraft, Apex Legends, and many more on the Amazon-owned site.  It remains unclear how the platform got […]

Microsoft becomes first tech giant to examine rights to repair


Microsoft is finally falling under pressure to allow an independent third-party to examine the potential result of making the tech giant’s devices easier to repair, and to adjust its work operations upon those findings by the end of 2022, according to Grist and the shareholder advocacy group As You Sow.  The agreement came following the advocacy group As You Sow’s efforts in launching a shareholder resolution, requesting Microsoft to examine the impact it could have by ensuring an […]

Climate change deniers banned from Google and YouTube

Climate Change

For the past decade, a large debate has circulated social media platforms over whether climate change is an actual thing that might reap dire consequences on the world as we know it. While science has stood by climate change, a great number of people still believe none of it exists.  Well, it looks like YouTube and its […]

Your Twitch account was definitely hacked, here’s what we know so far


On October 7, Twitch confirmed that an enormous hacking incident took place. Large data sets including the platform’s private source code, unreleased projects, and how much streamers are getting paid were released to the public.  While social media users thought Facebook’s massive whistleblower scandal was the top news story of the week, the cybercriminals outdid themselves to the point where it got everyone questioning, […]