TikTok Trends Loud Budgeting

Trends on TikTok are untamed on the platform from having those quiet luxury trends.The latest trend is called ‘loud budgeting’.

Trends on TikTok are untamed and nothing can stop the platform from having those quiet luxury trends. The latest trend is called ‘loud budgeting’.

What is Loud Budgeting  

Loud Budgeting is the act of being vocal highlighting that one wants to save money. This has become a trend, although the idea isn’t a new one but the way it is being portrayed online by de-influencers. The point behind de-influencers is to talk their audiences out of buying products that are not worth the hype or the price they pay for. This leads to another point which is creating trust between people online.

Lucas Battle came up with the term loud budgeting. He posted about it on his TikTok, and the trend took off then.  “It’s not ‘I don’t have enough,’ it’s ‘I don’t want to spend,’” Battle explained in a video that reached more than 1.4 million views and an estimate of 175,000 likes.

In a CNBC interview, Battle said that the phrase “loud budgeting” originated as a joke for him. However, he observes the very real financial effects that TikTok trends like quiet luxury and influencers have, particularly on younger customers.

“I think that now, everything is hyper-commercialized,” Battle said. “I don’t think that anybody in our generation has a lack of control. I just think it’s in our face all the time.”

The influence of loud budgeting quiet luxury has started to spread outside of social media.

Battle was recently approached at Trader Joe’s by someone who suggested that he should be budgeting loudly instead. Houston-based marketer Taylor Busse told her boyfriend about loud budgeting after she saw Battle’s TikTok video on her For You feed, and he seemed to like the idea as well.

Moral of the Trend

Using social media platforms that target the younger generation into teaching them a life long valuable lesson is very important. It broadens their perspective on what should be purchased. It allows TikTok users to think about money in a different way. Which might get them to feel more responsible about their spendings, how they spend, and what they spend money on.

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