Samsung to Launch XR Headset in 2024

Samsung XR Headset Samsung XR Headset to Launch in 2024

Samsung is set to unveil its Extended Reality (XR) headset in the upcoming months of 2024, collaborating with Google and Qualcomm to leverage their expertise in software and hardware, respectively.

The company has revealed that it was going to start its production at the beginning of this year, but it then decided to postpone the release of the headset following Apple’s introduction of its own Apple Vision Pro headset, already dubbed a disaster. A new team has even been formed, the Immersive Team, to oversee its last stages of development.  Samsung stated that a study is needed to assess the headset’s design, features, and specifications.

The XR headset is likely to feature:

– Two 1.03-inch OLEDoS microdisplays from Samsung-owned eMagin, offering a 3,500-pixel density.

– High-resolution graphics up to 90 frames per second (fps).

– The headset is set to operate on a personalized version of Android for mixed reality.

– It’s provided with full-color passthrough video paired with AI processing.

– The headset is going to attain Wi-Fi 7 connectivity.

– A harmonious integration with the brand’s ecosystem of phones, tablets, and laptops.

“The success of XR headsets will hinge on compelling content, user-friendly interfaces, and addressing issues like comfort and weight. Samsung has the resources and experience to excel in these areas,” said Ross Young, a Display Supply Chain Consultant.

Samsung as a Key Player

Samsung‘s XR headset is targeting the standalone category, eliminating the need for a connection to a computer or console. This approach enhances portability and, potentially, broadens its appeal.

Renowned for its presence in the mobile and display technology markets, its entry into the headset market proves that it is aligning on modernization and immersive experiences for its users. On the other hand, it might also be a response to Meta (formerly known as Facebook) and HTC as competitors who have already established themselves with popular VR headsets. Samsung’s move underscores its strategic response to evolving trends in the immersive technology landscape.

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