After Two Years, Twitter Staff in Ghana Get Paid

Two years of laying off their employees, X, paid laid-off employees in their headquarters in Accra, Ghana after the help of the Ghanaian law.

After two years of laying off their employees, X, finally paid the laid-off employees in their headquarters in Accra, Ghana after the help of the Ghanaian law.

When Elon Musk acquired Twitter, he began the biggest lay-off which took place in October 2022. It was reported that the estimate of lay-offs was roughly around 7,500 employees globally.

It remains a big question over the lay-offs geographical operations along with many other factors such as why the big names in the company got their compensation first and then it flowed according to region.

Sacked Staff

If we want to speak about the lay-offs or in African terms specifically Ghanaian and Nigerian, the sacking that took place in 2022 has brought much wahala to the employees. This is due to X paying them after 2 years.

Threats by the employees were imposed on X, which emphasized taking the company to court due to their failing to pay the money the employees were promised.  Although if we were to state facts, out of all the geographical regions that X employees were fired from, Africa had the smallest number of employees while India had the largest. Yet, other geographical regions were paid before the offices in Ghana.

Ghanaian Law

Under Ghanaian employment law, employees must be granted three months’ notice and should have been paid redundancy. In the case of X, none of this took place. A call for an outsider opinion was given which was by Agency Seven Seven and they stated that ‘’to file a notice with the Chief Labour Officer of Ghana and then engage in settlement negotiations with affected staff before implementing a redundancy exercise.’’

Last year was a harsh one for the employees due to the treatment that they had received from the company, which had affected their mental well-being.

Employees who were fired in Twitter’s Ghanaian offices stated that they were given less than a month and only got paid on the 19th of February 2024. According to Carla Olympio from Agency, Seven Seven mentioned to BBC, “They are very pleased to finally be able to get their due, put this behind them and look to the future.”


In case the ghosting was done purposely on Africa, this is a note that every tech CEO should keep in mind, that Africa is unlocking great economic prosperity due to its potential growth in FinTech.  One day, no one in Africa will go through this, but they will need to invest in their tech sector.

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