India’s Trillion-Dollar Digital Push

Digital Push India’s Trillion-Dollar Digital Push

India is providing a digital push to create immense investment opportunities and to aim at reaching $1 trillion by 2026. The goal is to expand internet connectivity through programs to adopt data centers and improve digital mastery.

The digital push is offering various and vast investment opportunities in various different sectors. Starting with data center and cloud services for growing internet usage and data for the demand of data storage and computation abilities, needed for robust cybersecurity solutions in the increase of digitization and the booming of the online education, online shopping and the e-commerce platforms. Fintech domain is quite targeted for digital wallets, payments gateways, and banking solutions.

Artificial intelligence and big data solutions are being adopted, opening doors for AI-powered solutions across various industries. “a government focus on digital infrastructure and favourable regulatory policies”, are all factors that are driving digitisation in India, and in turn, the need to expand the country’s digital infrastructure, a recent report by Information & Communication Ratings Agency (ICRA) said. The credit rating agency projects that, in total, 5,100 to 5,200 megawatts of data centre capacity requiring investments of 1.6 trillion rupees ($19.27 billion) is likely to be added in the next six years. It describes India as a “hot spot for data centre investments”.

India is promoting cashless transactions like UPI and e-RUPI, trying to support and encourage financial inclusion. On top of that, India is digitizing the services of the government services, improving efficiency and transparency and developing start-up initiatives like Startup India and Digital India, shedding light on investment and talent.  

“To cater to the strong demand prospects for data centres, Indian corporates, foreign investors and existing data centre players have started investing massively in Indian data centres,” according to the report.

So the partnership between India and UAE is considered to be a huge step for India’s infrastructure and digital growth since UAE get be an added value by attracting global investment to the country.

But Challenges Do Exist

One of the hurdles is that internet access is limited in rural areas, electricity, and digital literacy. Robust regulations are significant for the shift into the digital world and skills must be developed to harness the full potential.

“Addressing this gap necessitates expanding infrastructure, providing innovative data solutions and implementing targeted digital literacy initiatives. Investments in renewable energy to enhance electricity accessibility, even in the most remote areas of the country, will also play a crucial role in India’s digital transformation,” says Yashraj Vakil, chief executive of CaptainBiz, which offers business software solutions.

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