Special Features, Advanced Siri Await iPhone 16 Users 

Apple is aiming to enter the AI market through its upcoming Apple iPhone 16, supplying it with an advanced processing unit.

Apple is aiming to enter the AI market through its upcoming Apple iPhone 16, supplying it with an advanced processing unit, as well as updating the capabilities of its smart assistant, Siri. 

Chip Power 

The iPhone parent is developing its future A18 processors for its latest smartphone generations, and the M4 processors for MacBooks. This development will be done with an advanced Neural Engine processing unit, which will provide more cores that exceed the highest rate provided by its predecessor, the A17 Pro processor of 16 cores.  

The A18 processors surpasses also the M1 Ultra and the M2 Ultra processors, which provide 32 cores for the Mac Studio devices, according to a report by Economic Daily News

The new processing unit will play a significant role in delivering AI features and machine learning capabilities to Apple iPhone 16 users – specifically tailored for the iPhone 16 and will not be available on older models, reflecting the importance of this new unit. 

It is worth noting that the increase in the number of cores will not be the only update provided by the new unit, the unit’s performance will evolve too. For example, the A17 Pro processor in the iPhone 15 delivered performance that was twice as high on average compared to the A17 processor in the iPhone 14, despite both processors having an equal number of cores. 

New Features 

A new report by Bloomberg indicates that the new version of iOS 18 will bring many new features for Apple iPhone 16 users, such as making it easier for users to search on their phones as well as their Mac computers, by integrating AI to its ‘Spotlight’ search engine. 

In addition to that, Bloomberg had previously published a report in October related to several upcoming features of the iOS 18, which heavily rely on AI.  

One of the most important features is the introduction of an upgraded version of Siri, making it smarter and faster in fulfilling the commands requested by users.  There will also be features related to text creation and writing text messages by using iMessages, Keynote, and Pages for interactive presentations and automatic playlist creation within the Apple Music service. 

The Big Tech giant’s investments for the development of AI technologies have reached $1 billion. Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, announced that these features will be available for users by the end of this year, in line with periodic dates for the launch of iPhone and Mac versions in the fourth quarter of each year. 

According to Bloomberg, Apple is also getting ready to unveil its smart assistant for developers, Xcode helping in completing code writing for faster application development. 

The report explained that the company is internally testing its programming smart assistant with its employees, preparing to release it to developers during this year, with the expected announcement to be made during its annual WWDC 2024 conference. 

This move will put Apple in direct competition with several companies, such as Microsoft and its paid GitHub Copilot service for writing code with the help of AI. The service announced reached one million subscribers in November last year. 

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