All You Need to Get Married in the UAE… Is a Router

The UAE is introducing virtual marriage as a simplified and smoother marriage process to make it more easier for couples.

“I do.” Sorry, I can’t hear you. You say what? YES, I DO! It’s just the internet connection. Want to get married digitally? In the United Arab Emirated (UAE), you can with virtual marriages.

Imagine this happening after you’ve gotten to know him or her also via social media. The love story is literally born from your screen. Virtual life at its peak, lovebirds!

The UAE is introducing a simplified and smoother virtual marriage process to make it more accessible and easier for couples. With the new system coming to life, couples can apply electronically for marriage contracts, without needing to be present or even submitting your documents.

Follow these steps: First, you submit the application, get the approval, and complete payment procedures online. Second, you book a remote contract signing appointment, facilitated via videoconferencing technology. Finally, you electronically receive the final marriage contract document with both of your digital signatures. Yep, we’re living in a time now where this technology has developed.

Video conferencing your wedding?

“The introduction of this system is credited to the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department (ADJD). It is expected to be accessible in the near future. It is currently on display at GITEX 2023, hosted at the Dubai World Trade Centre,” according to Curlytales.

Guidelines and Conditions

Besides streamlining the marriage procedure, the UAE has established guidelines for non-Muslim expats. These include inheritance, wills, verification of parentage, divorce protocols, and the legalization of contracts, whether initiated by one party or both.

These conditions stipulate that both partners must have attained a minimum age of 21 and submit a declaration form before a judge.

In the case of divorce, it is now possible for one spouse to notify the court without needing to justify their decision or blame the other party. Moreover, child custody is shared equally between both parents, based on the child’s best interests, unless one parent files a court petition to exclude the other.

No guests, no wedding planners, and… you won’t have to worry about of anything, NOTHING. All you need is your router for your big day.

Would you take this step for your upcoming wedding?

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