Microsoft Unveiling Its Master Learning Tool

Microsoft is unveiling its new tool called Learning from Mistakes (LeMa), that mimics human learning behavior.

John Locke said that humans are born as blank slates or what is known tabula rasa. Humans are molded by their nature such as their biology and genetics and by their nurture such as life experiences, education, and society. The question in this case is how would this be applied to AI?

Let’s not generalize but we do know that a lot of people learn from their mistakes and do not repeat them. Will AI be able to do the same? Let us explore Microsoft’s new tool called LeMa which stands for Learning from mistakes. The tool was built with the intention of developing human skills that are not present in AI. The tool is In line with human learning processes, this work suggests Learning from Mistakes (LeMa). When a human learner is unable to solve a math problem, he will be able to identify his mistakes and learn how to fix them. Inspired by this process of error-driven learning, LeMa refines LLMs using error-correction data pairs produced by GPT-4. To be more precise, we first gather erroneous reasoning paths from different LLMs and use GPT-4 as a “corrector” to (1) locate the mistake step, (2) provide an explanation for the mistake, and (3) rectify the mistake and produce the final answer.

One cannot deny that this tool would be a useful one and great for humanity, but it does carry a lot of worries and flaws along the way. AI systems and Machine learning (ML) are able to generate news that is requested of it to do but will It be able to tick all the boxes when doing that? The answer is no, and this is because AI and ML do not have ethics and judgment in this case. Articles that are human generated are written in certain tones, word choice is specific, and ethics and morals are present.

My only thought is that humans keep writing articles with the aid of AI and Machine learning. Maybe AI and Machine learning are the Ying to the Yang of humans.

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