Robotic Arms and Legs Replace Human Labor  

Amazon is carrying out tests for humanoid with robotic arms in US warehouses after letting go of employees to better serve customers.

Amazon is carrying out tests for humanoid machine with robotic arms in US warehouses after letting go of employees to better serve customers—at least, that’s what the giant is saying.

Allow me to introduce your new buddy: Digit with legs! And robotic arms, as well! Imagine your manager showing up early in the morning and presenting it as your new colleague.

Going Around in a Vicious Cycle

So, they created Digit, a Digi-dude with arms and legs that can move and process just like a human. Why is that? Amazon claims they’ve been treating their workers like robots for years. Hold on a second, this means they’re actually doing a favor for their workers.

And then Amazon said its robotics systems had, in fact, helped create “hundreds of thousands of new jobs” within its operations. “This includes 700 categories of new job types, in skilled roles, which didn’t exist within the company before,” the firm said.

According to the tech giant, it now has more than 750,000 robots working “collaboratively” with its human staff, often being used to take on “highly repetitive tasks”.

I am a little bit lost here, what do you think?

Irreplaceable People

Amazon Robotics’ chief technologist, Tye Brady, said: “There’s not any part of me that thinks that would ever be a reality,” Watch your colleague Digit here doing its job. (Please embed the link here).

He—oh shoot, it’s IT. Excuse me, I’m not used to this. Anyway, while I was watching it work, I said to myself, we humans are much faster and more productive. In the time it was trying to put one yellow box on the belt, which took forever—16 seconds straight!—two to three boxes would already be done by humans in that duration.

I don’t think the greenish robot is going to outdo humans in the workforce anytime soon. Do you remember the Chinese woman beating up the robot for taking her job? I can still remember and feel her frustration emanating from the video. And what was its response? Nothing!

What expectations are you putting on these greenish, supposedly human-like creatures?

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