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New MicroSD Is Here for the Optimal Performance

The SD Association’s SD 9.1 specification doubles the speed of microSD Express cards, allowing for optimal performance.

  • These high-speed cards are designed for a variety of devices, from cameras and drones to gaming consoles.
  • The SD 9.1 specification introduces power and thermal management features.
  • Professionals will find these cards invaluable as they handle massive files with ease.

The SD Association (SDA) has revealed its latest iteration of SD Express memory cards, the SD 9.1 specification, doubling the microSD Express card speed to 2 GB/s.

To put it in perspective, this innovation would allow the transfer of a full Blu-ray movie, approximately 25GB in size, in a mere 12.5 seconds. So, that’s around 2GB/s, which could easily handle massive files generated by 8K video recording. And with the ever-increasing demand for bigger, better, and quicker, this is just what the doctor ordered.

The new SD 9.1 specification introduces four new SD Express Speed Classes:

  1. SDEX150: 150 MB/s
  2. SDEX300: 300 MB/s
  3. SDEX450: 450 MB/s
  4. SDEX600: 600 MB/s

So, by matching them with the right card, you, the consumer, can enjoy optimized experiences for your devices, from cameras and drones to gaming consoles and more.

While the new speeds are definitely needed and much appreciated, the perks don’t end there. The SD 9.1 specification introduces power and thermal management features. This means the host device can select an appropriate Maximum Power (MP) value, ensuring the card doesn’t consume excessive power or overheat while maintaining optimal performance. And we all know that heat is electronics’ worst enemy. Right, iOS 17?

Now that the tech talk is out of the way let’s talk about how you benefit.

The new SD 9.1 specification will power up data-intensive wireless and wired communications. Where was this at the peak of the pandemic when I needed to transfer recordings of our classes to my classmates? Those took whole Saturdays. Talk about time-consuming, am I right? So, these new microSD cards may be the game-changers. If they can handle a Blu-ray movie transfer in less than 15 seconds, I’m sure a couple of one-hour lectures aren’t much of an obstacle. Not to mention, this is basically every photographer, videographer, and content creator’s dream tool as it also boosts:

  • Super-slow-motion video recording
  • RAW continuous burst photography
  • 8K video capture
  • 360-degree cameras
  • Multi-channel IoT devices
  • Automotive entertainment systems

These microSD Express Cards have opened the gates to a new age in data storage. A more effective one capable of keeping up with our lives in the fast lane. And it can only be up from here as the more advanced we become the more data we generate, store, and transfer.

I’d imagine that the iPhone users will have something to write Apple about considering iPhones don’t have microSD card slots.

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