iOS 17 Is Ready for You, and the Most Important Feature Is that It Drains Your Battery

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It’s that time again when Apple drops a new fresh update, and this one’s called iOS17. Intrigued? Well we got you covered. Let’s dive right in into the latest iOS 17 features.

First, allow me to start by saying that we’re not here to sell you on it, but we do want to chat about some new features that have iPhone fanatics buzzing with excitement.

During its Worldwide Developer Conference, the iPhone parent gave us a sneak peek of iOS17 back in June, but you might have missed it amidst all the hype around the mixed-reality Vision Pro headset. No worries, though, we’ve got the scoop for you.

To launch the latest features on your phone, and to benefit of the iOS 17 features, head to your Settings app’s Software Update section. Some of you may want to back up their precious photos and files before hitting that update button. Others may prefer to wait a bit for the dust to settle on a fresh release. 

At the end of the day, it’s all about personal preference. If that’s the case, I completely relate to you. 

Onto the good stuff!

  • Live Voicemail is making waves

It’s like having your voicemails transcribed in real-time, so you can decide whether to take that call while they’re leaving their message. And if you’ve got “Silence Unknown Callers” on, unknown numbers will head straight to Live Voicemail.

  • Gestures to add a touch of flair

FaceTime is leveling up too, with video messages and cool reactions like hearts, balloons, and fireworks. Just simple gestures can make your calls more expressive.

  • ‘Hey Siri!’ I mean, ‘SIRI!’

Finally, Siri’s getting a makeover. You can now activate it with just “Siri” instead of the usual Apple trademark, “Hey Siri.” It’s all about making it feel more natural, you know. So, now you can yell at Siri as much as you want, without it being ‘offended’ by your tone. Plus, Siri will be smarter at handling back-to-back requests.

  • New way of sharing contact info

The NameDrop feature is a neat way to share contact info. Bring your iPhones close, like when AirDropping, to exchange names and Contact Posters with the NameDrop feature. You can even design your custom caller ID photo now, giving your calls a personal touch.

  • Autocorrect is getting better at fixing those ducking typos

Autocorrect got a fancy new language model and can offer predictive text recommendations as you type. Plus, it learns your typing habits, even those “ducking” pesty words.

  • StandBy, soldier!

And speaking of updates, iOS17 brings StandBy mode, a handy feature when your iPhone’s charging on your nightstand. Customize it with a clock, photos, or widgets.

Let’s drain that battery, shall we?

And it does so in the quickest way ever. 

Some iPhone users have been vocalizing their anger (to say the least) about battery drain after upgrading to iOS17. But don’t fret; that’s not unusual. It can take a bit of updates to settle down. Experts suggest giving it a few days and using your phone normally. 

Your battery should bounce back. Or so we hope. 

But be warned, older iPhones might feel a bit sluggish with this update, and not all iOS17 features are available on all devices. Another important factor to be mindful of. 

iOS17 has loads of cool features, like personalized contact cards, live voicemail transcriptions, video voicemails, and NameDrop. But the real one causing a stir is its Check In feature. It lets you alert friends when you reach your destination, but some worry it might be misused – ride the wave, Check In!

iOS17 dropped right before the iPhone 15 models hit the scene. Some users aren’t thrilled, claiming innovation died with Steve Jobs, but that’s just a part of the tech world drama.

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