Ciena Outlines Top 5 Trends Set to Drive Network Innovation in 2023

In 2023, it’s likely that we will witness a massive growth in the number of 5G users, humans and machines. But the increase in bandwidth demand this will bring will put enormous pressure on networks, fuelling the growth of 5G analytics-driven automation and software control. Ciena forecasts the following top trends will dominate network innovation […]

Computing Networking Pioneer Metcalfe Wins Top Industry Prize

Computing networking pioneer Bob Metcalfe on Wednesday won the industry’s most prestigious prize for the invention of the Ethernet, a technology that half a century after its creation remains the foundation of the internet. The Ethernet is the standard connection for everything from servers inside data centers to telecommunications networks. The Association for Computing Machinery […]

IoT Powering Smart Agriculture

The agricultural economy is expanded through smart farming, which also helps meet the global community’s enormous needs. IoT in agriculture can lead to better food, more supply, and affordable farming. Over the past few decades, agriculture has seen several technological changes that have made it more industrialized and technology-driven. Farmers have improved control over producing […]

Application of Photonic Integrated Circuits

Major innovation is being made possible by integrated photonics in a variety of applications. Multiple photonic functionalities are being incorporated into integrated circuits for communication, sensing, and, in the future, computer applications in the quickly developing subject of photonics. By integrating several discrete single-function components (such as specialized lasers, photodetectors, and pertinent optical interfaces), complex […]