IoT Tech Expo

Santa Clara, California, February 20, 2023 IoT enthusiasts and senior professionals from all around the world will gather at the iconic Levi’s Stadium for an exclusive networking event during the upcoming IoT Tech Expo North America. NETWORKIKNG PARTY DETAILS The party will take place on the evening of the 17th May, following the first day […]

The agricultural economy is expanded through smart farming, which also helps meet the global community’s enormous needs. IoT in agriculture can lead to better food, more supply, and affordable farming. Over the past few decades, agriculture has seen several technological changes that have made it more industrialized and technology-driven. Farmers have improved control over producing […]

Applications of Photonic Integrated Circuits

Major innovation is being made possible by integrated photonics in a variety of applications. Multiple photonic functionalities are being incorporated into integrated circuits for communication, sensing, and, in the future, computer applications in the quickly developing subject of photonics. By integrating several discrete single-function components (such as specialized lasers, photodetectors, and pertinent optical interfaces), complex […]