Ethical Tech

The dangers of digital disinformation

The Corona crisis is the first pandemic in the era of 5G. In today’s competitive and reactive market place, scammers, hackers, conspiracy theorists etc. continue to put out false information that is now spreading quicker than ever. American Professor, Kathleen Hall Jamieson, from the University of Pennsylvania calls this “viral disinformation”. However, what happens now, […]

Facial Recognition - how far is too far?

Until January of this year, very few of us were aware of Clearview AI, a company that has gathered billions of publicly available images from millions of websites to build a facial image search engine app. Clearview claim that more than six hundred law enforcement agencies have utilized its technology in the last year. News […]

GSMA repledges better digital inclusion for Women

A recent GSMA study shows that despite some progress, the gender gap in mobile internet usage remains substantial. Over 300 million fewer women than men are able to access the internet from a mobile device in low- and middle-income countries. The main barrier affecting ownership is affordability, followed closely by lower awareness, as well as […]