Best Tech Gifts for Your Loved Ones Under $50

2023 has been a year full of roller coasters especially regarding tech gadget on social media. Here is a list of affordable tech gadgets.

2023 has been a year full of roller coasters especially regarding tech gadget breakthroughs on social media. Below are affordable tech gadgets for this year.

Tis the season to be jolly and gift your loved ones an affordable tech gadget that they would love, appreciate, and benefit from. Inside telecom has got you covered for this season keep reading to know what affordable tech gadget that you would be purchasing this season.

Let us go through these affordable tech gadgets from least to most expensive.

Amazon Echo Dot (5th Gen) Smart Speaker

A smart speaker is a great idea, imagine it being the tiny Amazon Echo Dot! The Speaker has a marvelous design which is crafted from recycled plastic and fabric. The speaker is known to have a beautiful crisp sound and yes, it is Alexa powered.

  1. Twice the base of the previous generation.
  2. Could be used as a WiFi extender for routers.
  3. New sensors that include a new accelerometer for tap gestures.
  4. Retails for $23 on Amazon.

Soundcore P20i True Wireless Earbuds  

Are you looking for earbuds that are great and affordable? Anker’s Soundcore Life P20i is the earbuds for you. They are wireless to begin with, the fit is extremely comfortable, the sounds specs are great.

The earbuds have a battery life of 10 hours, and they also have futureproof Bluetooth 5.3.

  1. Control settings, single taps for it to work
  2. Find device
  3. Sound gaming mode
  4. Retails for $25.

Holy Stone HS210 Mini Drone  

The mini drone by Holy Stone is an affordable option for drones for beginners and everyone. The drone comes with an intuitive controller and a trio of batteries all bundled together. The brilliant design of the drone has its rotors covered with protection shells. The mini drone cab fly for 20 minutes straight when charged.

  1. Charger can charge two batteries
  2. Comes with three batteries
  3. Hs a front flip, a back flip mode and a landing mode.
  4. Works better on smooth concrete floors
  5. Retails for $37.

Apple AirTag

The recently released Apple AirTag tracker is a practical and affordable tech gift that can be used to monitor keys, luggage, or any other object to which it is attached. It is water-resistant, has a long-lasting replaceable battery, and comes with a ton of awesome accessories to customize and protect it.

The best part is that they are also trustworthy luggage trackers!

  1. Can be used for keys, wallets, and backpacks.
  2. When an item is lost, it can help track or make a sound if the lost item is nearby.
  3. Water resistant
  4. Retails for $27-$29

Amazfit Band 7 

For the price, the Amazfit Band 7 has a lot of features, such as an OLED display, an extended battery life, and alerts for abnormal heart rate.

  1. Amole screen display
  2. Has a long battery life
  3. Can manage to give you accurate health information
  4. Retails for $40

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