China (Of All Countries) Boycotting AI?

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In the latest uncovering of AI and intellectual property, China’s most popular social networking platform is being boycotted by artists due to complaints over its AI picture-generating tool. 

The dispute started in August when an illustrator going by the name of Snow Fish claimed that the privately owned social media platform Xiaohongshu had used her work without her knowledge or consent to train Trik AI. 

Trik AI, which is currently in testing and hasn’t officially debuted yet, specializes in creating digital art in the manner of traditional Chinese paintings. 

For privacy reasons, CNN is using the username Xiaohongshu to identify Snow Fish. She stated that she first became aware of the problem when friends sent her posts that were similar to her painting style. The posts shared a common brushstroke style, orange and red color pops, and accurate depictions of the out in nature.   

Snow Fish stated in an online post targeting her followers and art community “Can you explain to me, Trik AI, why your AI-generated images are so similar to my original works?” 

China, in contrast to other nations, did publish guidelines for generative AI after the controversy broke out. It became one of the first nations to impose restrictions on AI so that it wouldn’t threaten intellectual property, national security, or human jobs.  

Snow Fish revealed that she received a private apology from the person responsible for using the Trik AI account. When CNN analyzed the messages, it was evident from the messages that the Snow Fish technique had been applied.  

The primary question is: if humans are required to abide by laws and regulations, why can’t AI?  

There should be personified software that handles AI in accordance with its behavior. For instance, AI should be penalized if it steals images from Chinese artists.  

Because we are the ones who design artificial intelligence in our world, let’s stick to creativity and originality, and avoid designing it with ill intentions.

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