Apple Loses Blood Oxygen Sensor

Apple withdrew its blood-oxygen sensor tech from its Apple watch. This could lead to the possibility of Apple smartwatch health risk.

Apple withdrew its blood-oxygen sensor tech from its Apple watch. This could lead to the possibility of an $18 billion loss in the smartwatch business and Apple smartwatch health risk.

The blood-oxygen sensor is being removed by Apple from some of its smartwatches. This step is crucial due to the fact that it would aid in the avoidance of more sales disruptions that the company is facing in the health’s application.

Following the implementation of an import ban in the United States due to a ruling made in October by the U.S. International Trade Commission, the company temporarily stopped selling certain watch models last month. The trade agency discovered that Apple had infringed upon the patents of Masimo MASI -1.69% decline; the blood-oxygen tool is indicated by the red down pointing triangle. In recent weeks, sales have partially resumed while a legal review is completed.

The removal of the health tech feature could give a clear vision in order for future sales not to have interruptions in later productions. This is the first time a health tech feature in Apple faces a patent dispute such as this. Although Apple is removing the feature, it does not say how in the filing of the dispute. On the other hand, analysists have had their speculations made regarding a software change that took place.

Apple’s legal issues with Masimo are a warning sign regarding the dangers that the company brings in entering the health market, as there are many players who are prepared and able to sue Apple for patent infringement. Even though the Apple Watch represents a very small percentage of the company’s overall revenue, roughly about 5% of its financial sales in 2023, or roughly $18 billion. It is in fact a crucial aspect to the company’s expanding health goals for the upcoming years.

The ongoing case will be taking place again later on this year. Will Apple be able to redeem itself or will the health tech feature come to an end due to this dispute?

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