Apple Plans to Roll Out New iPad and MacBook Devices in 2024

The company is aiming to simplify its devices and will enable M3 on MacBook Air. Apple plans to launch several new devices in 2024.

The company is aiming to simplify its devices and will enable Apple M3 on MacBook Air.

Apple plans to launch several new devices in 2024. The company aims to implement significant changes within the iPad family to simplify users’ choices based on their needs, alongside the introduction of new MacAir laptops.

According to Bloomberg, the current iPad lineup poses challenges for users due to the abundance of available versions such as iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Mini, and the standard iPad. These versions, despite being close in capabilities, create difficulty in decision-making, particularly regarding screen sizes.

Additionally, there’s considerable confusion regarding accessories, particularly the Apple Pencil versions. For instance, the new low-cost Apple Pencil version is incompatible with the lowest-priced iPad models, while the latest flagship version of the pen does not function with the newest iPad versions.

Streamlining the iPad Family

Next year, Apple M3 will focus on streamlining the iPad family, aiming to showcase substantial differences in capabilities between the iPad Pro and iPad Air in terms of performance levels and screen sizes.

The “Pro” versions are set to feature an advanced OLED screen, Apple’s cutting-edge M3 processor, a revamped design, and an updated Magic Keyboard. These features will be available in 11-inch and 13-inch models. On the other hand, the “Air” versions will offer two screen size options—12.9-inch and 10.9-inch—accompanied by the Apple M2 processor.

Anticipate the release of these new iPad versions by March.

It is anticipated that Apple will launch the 11th generation version of the iPad, replacing the 9th generation. Additionally, the iPad Mini is set to receive a new version featuring a faster processor.

Consequently, the iPad family will offer three simple options: iPad Pro, iPad Air, and iPad Mini. Apple is prioritizing the latest version as a cost-effective option to maintain competitiveness in the educational tablet market.

New MacBooks

The company is expected to unveil two new versions of its MacBook Air devices in March, featuring 13-inch and 15-inch models. The primary highlight of these devices will be the introduction of the latest Apple M3 processor.

According to the Bloomberg report, Apple might discontinue production of its 2020 MacBook Air, which operates with the M1 processor. The focus will shift to encouraging users of this version to upgrade their devices, enabling them to experience the advantages of the quicker and more sophisticated Apple M3 processor compared to their current ones.

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