5 Reasons Why Intelligent Transportation Systems Are the Future of Transport

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The myriad benefits of intelligent transportation systems, shed light on their transformative power. From improved transport services and increased cost-effectiveness to more efficient journeys and enhanced rider experiences, ITS holds the key to unlocking a future of seamless and sustainable transportation.

All over the globe, transport operators have implemented intelligent transportation systems to advance their networks in various ways.

But what is the appeal, what are the benefits, and why are they taking the transportation industry by storm?

To find out, read our top five reasons why intelligent transportation systems are the future of transport.

  1. Improved transport services

Intelligent transportation systems (ITS) can help you significantly improve your transport services, one of the main reasons why they are the way forward for the transport industry.

With real-time vehicle monitoring, the system can relay positional information from onboard tracking devices. This can help transit agencies to manage their fleet, and determine the arrival times of each vehicle at the next stop.

As a result, you can adapt journeys so they are as efficient as possible, planning resources and schedule of your fleet effectively. You can ensure vehicles are not too close or too far from the previous/next vehicle. 

This can also help you improve services for riders looking to get from A to B and ensure a consistent frequency of vehicles at each stop.

  1. Increased cost-effectiveness

ITS can also help you increase cost-effectiveness across your transport operations in different ways. 

For example, real-time vehicle monitoring can allow you to plan the right routes for every driver to be more fuel-efficient.

Also, you can ensure there are enough services running to meet the current demand and capacity, without having more vehicles and drivers than necessary for the routes. This can maximize the revenue from customers, and avoid overspending on active vehicles and fuel. The more revenue you have, the more you can direct into developing and improving your network for the future.

  1. More efficient journeys

Using ITS can also help create more efficient journeys for all vehicles in your transport network.

With real-time vehicle location, you can continuously adapt the routes for each driver so that journeys are completed as fast as possible.

For example, ITS can help identify and even predict problems such as delays, and help you intelligently resolve the issue.

Journeys can run smoothly and allow vehicles to adjust their routes wherever necessary to maintain peak efficiency and reliable service. 

  1. Ease and satisfaction for riders

ITS can also produce a satisfying rider experience with the use of real-time passenger information (RTPI).

Riders can receive accurate information, precisely when they need it. They can use RTPI displays to find information on the arrival times of vehicles at their current stop, provided through a combination of real-time vehicle location, data analytics, and more.

As a result, riders can easily plan their journeys around real-time information and have more trust in the reliability and accuracy of your transit agency getting them to their destination.

  1. Less disruption for drivers and riders

By implementing ITS into your transit agency, you can also minimize the disruption and issues that might potentially arise within your network.

For instance, your vehicles could potentially break down on their journey, or be stuck in severe traffic on their route.

Using these advanced solutions, you’ll be able to quickly identify the issues and solve them. 

This can allow for minimal inconvenience and issues for both drivers and riders on their journeys.

As ITS become more and more cemented in the future of transportation, why not reap the benefits of ITS for yourself and your transit agency?

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