Best Spotify Alternatives in 2022

best Spotify alternatives

Without a doubt, Spotify is one of the most widely used music streaming services, an undisputed giant in the media streaming industry. It has established itself over time thanks to the ease of use of its applications and the availability of mobile apps on almost any modern device, including Windows, Mac, Linux, SmartTVs, and more. The best Spotify alternatives will have to compete with the platform’s library of more than 40 million songs, which is constantly growing, and a wide range of cool features like personalized playlists based on user tastes, artist-based radios, podcasts, social media integration, collaborative playlists, and more.

The platform is a very appealing choice for the user who wants to have almost everything without much effort, thanks to this business model.

There is, however, more to life than Spotify. More and more users are becoming attracted to other services that may be less well-known but better suit their needs due to the restrictions of its free version and the expanding list of new competitors willing to compete with it by offering better features and prices. We advise you to look at the ranking of the most well-liked Spotify alternatives if you want to know how to make the switch.

The Best Spotify Alternatives to Try in 2022

Amazon Music

With unlimited access to 75 million songs and unlimited skips when listening offline, Amazon Music Unlimited lives up to its name and is among the best Spotify alternatives on the market today. There are also millions of podcast episodes, so the selection is plentiful. Searching is simple, and the search results also include tracks in ultra HD quality. It’s tempting if you’re already a part of the ecosystem, especially with excellent integration with Echo devices, since Amazon Prime members receive a discounted subscription.

YouTube Music

A free trial for YouTube Music is available, which is always good news. Once you’re logged in, it provides some clever algorithms to make sure that the playlist suggestions are accurately reflective of your preferences. You can upload up to 100,000 of your tracks to keep everything in one place, and it has simple-to-use apps. High-fidelity tracks are supported, but it’s not as extensive as other online options.

Apple Music

If you are an Apple user, Apple Music is a no-brainer. Although there is no free plan, there is a lengthy trial period to try it out. There are thousands of playlists available with over 90 million songs, many of which are curated as it gets to know your musical preferences. Here, podcasts are also skillfully supported. It also sounds fantastic when combined with your Apple hardware’s spatial audio features. It is a strong competitor to Spotify. You just need to be aware of odd restrictions if you want to listen offline, but besides that, Apple Music is definitely among the top best Spotify alternatives you can use.


Without a doubt, Tidal is the top streaming service for high-fidelity music. With its basic HiFi plan, it offers up to 1,411kbps-quality music as standard and has over 80 million tracks available. If you spend a little more, you can get up to 9,216 kbps, which will excite audiophiles. It also has a ton of options, easy-to-use apps, offline support, and every other feature you could ask for in a music streaming service. The only drawback is that the CarPlay app is buggy and is more expensive if you purchase a subscription directly through the App Store.


One of the first streaming services to hit the market, Pandora continues to be a hit and ranks among the best Spotify alternatives thanks to offering a more extensive non-music-based selection. That includes plenty of podcasts as well as comedy, so there’s something for every mood. It has a clever algorithm set up via thumbs up or down with extensive search features backing it up. According to some reports, it’s not as stable as something like Spotify, but you’ll rarely notice an issue.


Although Deezer offers a wide range of options, its clever algorithmic structure is what appeals to users the most. It creates a blend of well-liked and fresh tracks, sometimes known as Deezer Flow that you’re very likely to enjoy. It performs better than some rivals and is reasonably priced as well. Although it is available, high-fidelity music here is not as advanced as it is elsewhere. With 73 million songs, you won’t quickly run out of options.


If you like being the person to always introduce new music to your friends, ten Bandcamp is for you. Bandcamp focuses on independent artists rather than big names, and so it works best when used in conjunction with another service. However, it is completely free to look at and offers some lesser-known names. You decide whether to pay for an album; pre-orders are simple to set up, and the service even offers live concerts. Although it has a beautiful interface, it is not quite as simple as some others.

Whether you are a music lover, podcast enthusiast, or just like to discover, new artists, any of the above candidates make up the best Spotify alternatives you can ever as for.