Biden And Trump Clash Over TikTok 

TikTok raised security concerns to Biden’s administration, which has led Biden to want to a sign legislation to ban the Chinese application.

TikTok has raised security concerns to Biden’s administration, which has led President Biden to state that he would sign legislation to ban the Chinese application in the United States. 

On Thursday, the legislation passed through the US House Energy and Commerce Committee unanimously. They called upon China’s ByteDance to either work effectively or have TikTok fully banned in the US. 

Mike Johnson, Republican House Speaker, stated that he is in full support of the bill and that soon he will be coming up with a full vote in the House. In support of Mike Johnson, President Biden mentioned to reporters that “If they pass it, I’ll sign it.” 

The White House had given technical support in the drafting of the White House bill, but Karin Jean-Pierre, White House Secretary stated that “it still needs some work” to get to a place where Mr. Biden would endorse it. 

What is Trump’s Opinion? 

Trump, a man of social media, shared his feelings about the TikTok ban on his Truth Social platform. He is opposing the ban because, in his own opinion, this will increase the use of Facebook by people. 

When Trump was in power, he issued, then revoked, the executive action to ban two popular applications TikTok and WeChat. Both the Federal Communications Commission along with the FBI had given a warning to ByteDance to fix the safety standards of the application. TikTok then replied that it has not done so and will not. 

What Will Happen to American TikTokers? 

If you thought moving from one house to another was a hard job, try moving your content from one social media platform to another. Over the past week, American TikTokers have been trying to shift their “get ready with me” videos to Instagram. 

One important point that has to be mentioned is the fact that TikTok isn’t all about generating content, but the platform has been a platform of opportunities. This means that TikTokers get paid to market products, services, or even places. The fact that this marketing takes place on TikTok is because the platform is easy to navigate, and it’s purely based on generating videos. 

What About Biden’s Campaign? 

Back in 2022, President Biden had banned the use of the Chinese application TikTok by the federal government. About four million employees faced restrictions on the use of TikTok by the federal government during that time. Two years later, Biden took his campaign to TikTok to reach a younger voting audience, but using the application, of course, had them take their safety precautions. 

With the security concerns that have been taking place, TikTok will soon be banned, and this move began by the US. TikTok was banned by the British government last year, following the US, Canada, and the EU. 

Will TikTok get another chance to make America great again?  

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