Egyptian Company Creates a Unit to Address Energy and Water Crisis in Remote Areas

The first African renewable energy startup, NoorNation, is based in Egypt and connects underserved areas of Egypt and Sub-Saharan Africa with decentralized infrastructure solutions.

NoorNation is an African start-up that specializes in developing and manufacturing renewable energy solutions. It was founded by Africans for Africans and aims to provide fully functional distributed energy and water infrastructure alternatives to the off-grid sector in Egypt and Sub-Saharan Africa.


Due to the challenges facing the planet and lack of access to green energy, clean water, NoorNation in Egypt has created an innovative unit called “LifeBox” that can support villages, farmers, and even provide disaster relief. According to the UN’s official website, this innovation can quickly serve 100 homes, or provide services to communities of up to 3 thousand homes a day.

Designed and produced in Egypt, Africa, LifeBox is a cutting-edge mobile green infrastructure solution that provides safe water and clean energy at a reasonable cost. This solar-powered, self-contained device can be quickly deployed and is making a significant contribution to the industrial localization movement and sustainability governance. Its purpose is to provide our customers, rural communities, and farming and tourism businesses with peace of mind as they work toward achieving their triple bottom line—social, financial, and environmental growth.


Higher earnings from larger agricultural yields, better health outcomes from access to clean water, reduced carbon emissions via the use of renewable energy sources, and more are all examples of how these capabilities transform into tangible effects. Egypt is one of the world’s breadbaskets, but despite growing needs, agricultural yields are falling and are predicted to decline by over ten percent by 2050.

By 2028, NoorNation’s founders hope to have positively impacted over a million lives in Africa. They have already implemented LifeBox in several farms that lack basic infrastructure. They will be able to scale this vision with our assistance. NoorNation has effectively implemented 670 kWp throughout eight Egyptian governorates since it started operations in February 2022. Over 3 million liters of water have been efficiently desalinated on 900 acres of land managed by NoorNation’s clients. Their work has also produced 1.2k MWh of clean energy, which is extremely important as it has prevented 880 tons of CO2 emissions.

Potential Development

The creators of NoorsNation offer specific expertise of solar-powered water systems intended for rural Africa. There is evidence of dedication to creating infrastructure solutions.

NoorNation’s development. story is far from over, despite having successfully deployed the first wave of LifeBox units so far. The founders intend to build a maximum of 100 operational units by 2025 and have ambitious plans to spread throughout Africa. According to a recent study, distinct solar pumps could provide more than 3% of the water needed for agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa; NoorNation is well-positioned to take benefit from this opportunity.

A crucial source of funding through the business’s construction support to enable NoorNation’s successful expansion. We are making use of our local knowledge to improve sales and distribution models, streamline operations, advance technological capabilities, and broaden the market. Their goal is to assist the business in giving hundreds of thousands of individuals that currently lack access to them decentralized, sustainable water and solar solutions. NoorNation’s knowledgeable creators, who possess technical know-how and are enthusiastic about making an impact, also provide a strong foundation upon which to grow.