Guess What Musk Called His Email Service?  

News spread throughout the past week in regard to Gmail shutting down. Musk would be developing a new email service, Xmail.

News spread throughout the past week in regard to Gmail shutting down on the 1st of August. Google stated that they were nothing but rumors and fake tweets. As these rumors began to evaporate, Musk, being Musk, decided that this is the perfect timing to claim that he would be developing a new email service which he will be calling Xmail. Are you shocked, or not yet?  

How, What, When, and Why?  

The message got people talking and wondering as usual. The message was in fact a reply to a question that was tweeted by Nate McGrady, X’s security engineer. The question was when the company would be developing Xmail. Musk instantly replied in a tweet that consisted of two words: It’s coming. 

In Musk’s true fashion, his tweet that consisted of two words said a lot and nothing at the same time. His response could be an actual idea or just to catch the attention of people on the platform and see what they think. 

Does Xmail Already Exist?  

This fact just shows that Musk must be facing a lot of hurdles when it comes to Xmail. Although Musk claimed that they are developing Xmail but according to Forbes, it already exists. With a little Google search, it revealed that there are at least three users with the Xmail name. We can infer two things from this Sherlock Holmes move that we’ve done is that Musk has either developed it and wants to see reactions of people and how much they would like the idea of it. Another thing we can infer is that he just wanted to comment on anything to spark some controversy. 

To be on the safer side, one should not respond to random emails due to the fact that cybercriminals will be using this news and send phishing emails with malicious intent. 

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