Elon Musk's xAI: A Monstrous Creation, or a Godsend?

The mastermind with a thirst for stirring the tech world, has just released his latest brainchild, Elon Musk’s xAI.

This time, he’s adding his new AI project called xAI to his social media site X (FKA Twitter) and making it its own app too. The tech mogul share on X this Sunday.

Grok is the name of the first AI buddy that xAI has made. It’s a clever bot that started chatting with X Premium+ members last Friday. Grok is all about helping people find answers and understand stuff better, and it can be quite funny too!

Musk isn’t shy about saying he thinks other big companies’ AI isn’t great because they control too much what it says. That’s why he started xAI in July, hoping it’ll be super honest and smart enough to take on Google and Microsoft’s AI.

Grok is cool because it can use the information from X right when it happens, which Musk thinks is a big deal.

Even though Musk owns X, which used to be called Twitter, it’s not the same thing as xAI. But they do work together a lot. xAI also helps out with Musk’s car company, Tesla, and some other businesses.

Just last week, Musk was telling the UK’s Prime Minister that AI is going to change everything big time. He said it could even change jobs as we know them. He talked about all this at a big meeting about AI safety in England.

A bit of history: Musk helped start OpenAI, the group that made ChatGPT, which a lot of people are excited about. He was part of the team until 2018.

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