Entrupy Detects Your Fake Brand Bags Through AI

Have you ever wondered if the Chanel bag you bought was original or fake? Thanks to AI authentication you can now figure out. 

Entrupy is a technology that uses AI to verify if the handbags and sneakers made in the secondhand market are original or not to ensure that customers are receiving genuine products. 

The company founded in 2012 says that its AI technology was used by hundreds of retailers since December 2020, according to its website. It expects that the interest in the AI tool is likely to grow as companies seek to take advantage of this technological change. 

This tool is currently available for luxury distributors. Entrupy claims that its tool can validate the product quality of luxurious brands such as Balenciaga, Burberry, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton. 

Moreover, companies hope that AI will help distributors of luxury products to build trust with their customers who may be worried about buying fake products. 

In an interview with Elle Magazine, the CEO and Co- founder of Entrupy, Vidyuth Srinivasan said: “The whole point of doing this is to add trust. He added that It’s the consumer having the certainty that this is not just [one] person saying that it’s authentic, there’s also a third party that’s not invested in the transaction, certifying it”. 

The interest in Entrupy’s AI services came after TikTok announced last October its partnership with the company to detect fake products on TikTok Shop. This partnership comes as creative AI tools such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT have swept the world.‎ 

How Distributors Are Using this New Tool

To use the AI authentication tool, distributors are required to insert their smartphones into a device with a microscopic lens that the company claims can enlarge the phone’s camera to capture grainy images of features such as the type of material designed for the product, and then distributors take photos of the product from every possible angle via their smartphone. 

Then, the photos are transferred to a database containing millions of photos from the original storage using AI algorithms. Within minutes, Entrupy can decide whether the product is authentic or not, which it claims has an accuracy rate of 99.1%, according to its website. The company creates an official certificate that retailers can offer if the product is original. 

However, the product is not perfect, as the CEO of Entrupy told Elle Magazine that for now the tool cannot detect all products and can only check luxurious brands because according to Snirivasan their the most vulnerable to fraud. 

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