Etisalat Digital and Oracle to Host Business Solutions for Transguard Group

Cloud services to lower TCO by over 40 percent over five years

Abu Dhabi, 31 January 2022: Etisalat Digital has announced that Transguard Group, the UAE’s leading business support and outsourcing provider, has selected Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to migrate their on-premises solutions. This will lower the total cost of ownership (TCO) while giving Transguard the flexibility to serve requirements of mission-critical systems and respond quickly to dynamic market conditions, emerging technologies and customer demands.

Transguard Group, an Emirates Group company, has over 60,000 employees located at the customers’ facilities and their own, on the road or, now, working at home. The company will move its existing Oracle Database Appliance to the Oracle Cloud Dubai Region. Moving to an OCI cloud solution enables Transguard to better operate from anywhere. The migration will also allow the company to re-use its existing infrastructure, which will bring down the CAPEX and OPEX of hardware, maintenance and IT.  

“Transguard Group chose to migrate to OCI mainly to effect faster, more powerful performance across our enterprise,” explained Dr. Greg Ward, Managing Director, Transguard Group. “Moving to the cloud offers us greater cost savings and supports the business to be as lean as possible, all while delivering greater scalability. The ease of migration and support was also a major deciding factor because we are able to move our entire on-premises environment to the cloud with minimal downtime and operational impact.”

Salvador Anglada, CEO Etisalat Enterprise Digital & Group Chief Business Officer, said: “Today more customers are moving to the cloud, enabling Transguard to be flexible and automate their functions, achieving its business objectives and meeting customer demand cost-effectively and sustainably. Transguard will reduce its total cost of ownership by over 40 percent for five years with this implementation. We look forward to working with *Oracle and guiding Transguard Group in their cloud journey by helping it to accelerate their digital transformation and adapt to ever-changing market conditions.

“OCI’s next-generation architecture provides a high-performing, resilient foundation for cloud services, while its design maximises performance and security,” said Abiy Yeshitla, Vice President, Technology, Middle East and Africa, Oracle. “By transitioning its existing core ecosystem to OCI, Transguard Group will be able to run any application, faster and more securely for less. It will also make it far easier to manage security, performance and scalability,”

Transguard Group will leverage Oracle’s Bring Your Own Licenses (BYOL) programme for database licenses into the Oracle Cloud; it also includes providing OCI FastConnect with last mile connectivity to Transguard locations provided by Etisalat.

*Oracle, Java and MySQL are registered trademarks of Oracle Corporation.

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