Everything You Should Know About Meta's Latest AI Tool, "Imagine"

Meta introduced its new image generation Meta's Imagine tool, in December. Powered by Meta's Emu image model.

Meta introduced its new image generation AI tool, Imagine,” in December. Powered by Meta’s Emu image model, this tool enters the domain of potent image generation AI alongside competitors like DALL-E and Midjourney.

Here’s a comprehensive overview of Meta’s ‘Imagine’ Tool:

1. What is Meta’s “Imagine” tool?

“Imagine” is an AI-driven tool that swiftly generates images based on user-provided descriptions. It converts text descriptions into images within seconds, producing up to four high-quality images per claim. Meta trained the model, leveraging 1.1 billion images from Facebook and Instagram to ensure professionalism and relevance in the generated images.

2. Is “Imagine” free?

The “Imagine” tool is currently accessible for free as a Beta Version. However, whether the final version will remain free is yet to be confirmed. Notably, the generated images feature a small but noticeable watermark in the lower left corner that cannot be removed.

3. Differences between “Imagine” and “Midjourney”

Meta’s ‘Imagine’ Tool and “Midjourney” offer similar services with slight disparities. Presently, “Imagine” is free, while “Midjourney” necessitates a subscription priced at $96 annually or $8 per month. Moreover, “Midjourney” enjoys wider availability, accessible to users globally, whereas “Imagine” is presently restricted to the US but plans to expand to other countries.

In terms of image aesthetics, “Midjourney” surpasses “Imagine.” Comparative evaluations reveal “Midjourney” generates images that are more visually appealing, clear, and creative for similar claims.

4. How to use “Imagine”

Though currently limited to US residents, “Imagine” aims for global accessibility soon. To familiarize yourself with the tool:

1. Visit imagine.meta.com.

2. Click on “Login to Generate,” then sign in using your Facebook or Instagram account or an email address.

3. After registration, input your claim’s description and click “Generate” to obtain four AI-generated images.

Additionally, within Messenger conversations, activate Meta’s ‘Imagine’ Tool by typing: Meta AI /imagine@, describe the image, submit, and receive the requested image instantly.

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